February 19


LA – The Whipping Boy story map was due up to chapter 11/12 Monday. We also read and took notes for chapter 13 Monday and will do chapter 14 tomorrow.

Several students need to complete their poetry PowerPoint. Overdue poems need to be written at home and brought to school to be typed into their PowerPoint. We don’t have the luxury of time to have students composing poems in the computer lab.

Math – Tests returned tomorrow. We began page 101 on rounding in the workbook.

Socials – Class elections tomorrow!

Science – Beginning chapter 5.

French – Quiz tomorrow on page 3 of the En hiver booklet. The booklet itself is also due.

PE – Volleyball. It’s amazing the improvement of the students. Today we played and on one court there was a rally that went back and forth seven or eight times and lasted at least 20 hits. Awesome!  The more effort the students put into the sport, the more enjoyable it is to play.

Axis Theatre tomorrow morning!

The CE Barry carnival is on Thursday the 21st. I am looking for cakes for the cake walk event. If you are able, please bring them in Thursday morning or by 5 pm, when the carnival begins. Hope to see you there!


Mr. H.


February 1

LA – Up to chapter 7/8 summary and illustration for our novel Story Map are due on Monday.

Poetry – All students are working on a poetry PowerPoint. Students need a minimum of two haiku, two rhyming poems, two limericks and two emotion poems.  They only need one Biopoem and I Am Poem. Learning assistance kids do not need to do the limericks

1. Haiku

2. Rhyming poem

3. Biopoem

4. I Am Poem

5. Limericks

6. Emotion poem

Click here for instructions and examples. Poetry instructions

Math – We have been working on 2-digit multiplication and long division and are up to page 95 in the textbook. A great website for math help is called Khan Academy. It has practice questions and helpful instructional videos as well.

Socials – Chapter 5 vocabulary so far: government, elected, politicians, appeal, appealed, how the  3 levels of Canadian government (federal, provincial and local) are the same and how they are different, MP’,s ridings, Senate, senators, abolish, legislature, MLA’s and council and democracy. They should also know the title and the name of the leader of each level of government.

Science – Chapter 4 vocabulary so far: cells, tissues, organs, systems, digestive system, nutrients and the steps/organs of digestion – mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and colon. Also the respiratory system and how oxygen gets into the body, (nose/mouth and then down the trachea) where it is collected or stored (lungs) what protects the lungs, what helps the lungs breathe, as well as the terms; inhale, exhale, oxygen, carbon dioxide and diaphragm.

Art – Grid name is the current project.

French – Quizzes returned on Monday. Re-quiz on Wed. for those who need it.

Check out this month’s division 6 Student of the Month, Olivia Morgan, along with Kaitlyn Berry, from division 5.

Feb Grade 5

Have a great weekend!


Mr. H.