March 28


LA – We are almost finished our novel. The test will be in the next week or so . It will be open notebook, so as long as the students have been taking good notes, they should have no problems.

Math – Up to pages 118-119.

Socials – Chapter 7.

Science – Chapter 5 test next Friday. I had told the kids it would be next Thursday, but we missed today’s class so it will now be Friday.

French – Easter booklet quiz on Wednesday.

PE – Finishing up volleyball. With the weather improving, we will resume more of a focus on distance running.

Art – Easter egg colouring contest ends today.

Our grade 5 PNE trip is coming up in May. We are looking for approximately 8 parent volunteers to help chaperone small groups of students while at Playland. Please email if you are available. Parents will need to complete a current criminal record check if they haven’t already done so.

Have a great long weekend and Easter holiday!


Mr. H.


March 8

Have a great Spring Break!

Any student wanting some schoolwork could memorize their timetables up to 10. Here are links to two sites but there are many more out there.

Please encourage your son or daughter to read daily. Read up on the 2013 Comet PANSTARRS, and watch the skies on March 12 -13 for the best view. Read up on their favourite sports team, read a novel, but please read something.

Congratulations to all those students who made the Merit List and Honour Roll.

Below is our recent student of the month, Kylea Smith and from division 5, Jamie Deardon.


Enjoy your two weeks!


Mr. H

March 5


LA – The Whipping Boy story map was due up to chapter 15/16 for Monday. We also read and took notes for chapter 17 and are currently reading 18. I had hoped to have the test before the break, but we just ran out of time. The test will be open notebook, so as long as the students have been taking good notes, they should have no problems.

Math – Page 109 was our last page.

Socials – Working on creating our own commercials!

Science – Continuing chapter 5.

French – Animal booklet.

PE – Finishing up volleyball.

Art – Symmetry pie project is now overdue.

Thank you to the people who donated cakes for the the CE Barry carnival. It was a great success!


Mr. H.