June 8

LA – We are working on chapter 3 in the novel. Students not completed chapter 2 work need to complete it ASAP.

For the novel students, our project is going to be a diorama. Students need a shoebox or small box to use. (Buy & Save usually has lots of boxes that may work.)

The whole class has been working on editing, proofreading and improving sentences to make them more interesting. Here is an example of a sentence your child would correct and improve. Ask them to show you how.

i went too buy and save two by sum candi

Math – Fractions, percent and money. Ask your child what a fractions of something means. Have them explain why 1/10 is also 0.1 or why 1/10 is equivalent to 10/100. Ask them what fraction 0.25 or 0.07 would be. What coin or coins would you use to make that decimal?

Socials – Most students are now finished their map of northwestern Canada.

Science – Chapter 7 test Thursday, June 13th. Know the key terms and as always, how other body systems are connected to the nervous system.

French – Clown booklet now overdue.

PE – Softball.

Art – Graffiti art.

Congratulations to all the District athletes from last week! It was a great day for all. Great job by the grade 5’s (and the honour band) performing their songs at the lodge on Thursday! Also thanks to Nestle Waters and Hope Mountain Centre for the interesting afternoon field trip on Friday. Thank you parent helpers as well! Check out the pics!

Music by the 6/7 band in Memorial park starting at 1:30 on Tuesday if any parents are able to attend. The grade 5’s will be walking over to watch.


Mr. H.