May 21


A few housekeeping items.

Social Studies – We have a test on chapter 5 next Thursday on government. Study/review all terms, make sure you are able to identify and separate the three levels of government in Canada.

French – We have a quiz next Wednesday on the human body. Study all terms from the translation page.

Also, on a rather serious note. I am calling to inform you of the meeting by our Board of Education to discuss the possible closure of C.E. Barry School. This is a public meeting and you are invited to attend. The meeting will take place in the Commons Room of Hope Senior Secondary on Tuesday May 27th at 7:00PM. We strongly urge you to attend to discuss the fate of C.E. Barry School.
I hope to see you there!

Mr. H.


May 5

Hello parents!

We had a scheduling conflict and the Playland trip is now Wednesday, May 14th. To the parents who were willing to be chaperones, please re-check your calendar and let me know if you can still make it. Sorry for the sudden change.

Many students still need to return the permission form that was handed out on Friday along with an information sheet about the day. The cost is $20. Please return ASAP.


Mr. H.