June 4

LA – Students are writing 8-sentence paragraphs. They know their paragraph needs a good topic sentence, six fact/detail/example sentences, and a concluding sentence. Powerful words, proofreading, spellchecking and punctuation are also a focus.

MATH – We have a fraction test coming up on Thursday. Can your child add 2/5 and 6/15? Or tell which is greater; 1/4 or 1/25?

SOCIAL STUDIES – Chapter 5 test was returned yesterday. Re-test for those who need it or want it on Thursday.

SCIENCE – No new homework but what does surface texture and friction have to do with force and motion?

FRENCH – Body test was returned. No new homework.

PE – Softball! Hats and ball gloves are encouraged!!

ART – Monster art winding up.

Thursday afternoon we are going to the Nestle Waters plant for a tour. Notices went home Monday and need to be signed and returned ASAP. Thanks. Please ensure your child does not wear any type of open-toed shoe such as a sandal or a flip flop.

Thanks to Josiah, Kai, Dakota, Brianna and Rachel for volunteering to be the background for the next few days.


Mr. H