Friday, January 23

LA  – We started the novel, Holes. Title page is due Monday.

MATH – We are up to page 97 in the work book. Ask your child to solve this long division question.


This next attachment and example may help them remember the steps.


SOCIAL STUDIES – Working on chapter 5 – Government in Canada.

SCIENCE – Chapter 7 TEST – The Nervous System – on Wednesday, January 28. 7.5 CYU due Monday.

FRENCH – Review the two latest worksheets; J’aime = I like, Je n’aime pas = I don’t like… etc.

PE – Volleyball. Student grades are based on participation, effort, improvement and sportsmanship/fair play. The game is so much more fun if you are working hard to build up your skills.

ART – Grid name art and hand art are the current projects.

We curl on Thursday! Please ensure students have a clean(ish) pair of shoes to bring to the rink. (Gym shoes are fine.) They cannot curl in the shoes they wear! Also, bring your own helmet if you have one.

We skate on Friday! Bring your own skates and helmet if you have them. Otherwise, they will be provided by the arena.

For both activities we will be walking. Please dress appropriately.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H.


January 9

LA  – We are working on poetry unit. Students should have several haiku poems by now. And more recently we began writing rhyming poems. See the attachment for instructions for these kinds of poems.

Haiku and Rhyming poem instructions

MATH – We are up to page 84 in the work book. The main idea is for the students to understand that every division fact has three more facts in a “fact family.” Some students have more trouble with division that multiplication, but if they know that 8 x 3 = 24, then they also know that 3 x 8 = 24 and that 24 ÷ 8 = 3 and that 24 ÷ 3 = 8.

SOCIAL STUDIES – this week we will be beginning chapter 5 on Canadian government.

SCIENCE – Chapter 7 – The nervous system. We read and completed a worksheet on 7.1 this week. Students should know the four main parts that make up the nervous system.

FRENCH – Friday quiz based on the vocabulary from “les jours de la semaine,” which includes days of the week, months of the year and the four seasons.

PE – Indoor games and volleyball. I really enjoy teaching volleyball! Students often make their biggest improvements in this sport as they develop their skills and begin to have fun! 

ART – Grid name art is the current project.

Please sign and return the curling permission form your child brought home which begins next Wednesday, the 21st of January. I asked the students to include: #6 Bring a clean pair of shoes on their form. Gym shoes are fine but they cannot curl in the same shoes that they wear to the rink. Also, district policy is that all student wear hockey helmets during curling. If your child has their own helmet, please have them bring it. If not, the school has purchased helmets so that we should have enough for one class. Parents are welcome to come and watch.


Mr. H.

January 8

Last reminder for skating tomorrow!

Many students have been sick and have not returned the forms that were handed out before the break. Every student needs a form signed before they are allowed on the ice.

Bring your own skates and helmet or use the free rentals at the arena. Dress warmly! You can always take off a layer of clothing.

Parents are welcome to come and watch their kids (and helping tie skates would be a big help!) We are walking to the arena and are on the ice at 1 pm and are back at school at 2:30.


Mr. H.

January 8

instructions for a rhyming poem.

We want to write an 8-line poem minimum. Students can always write more than 8 lines if they choose.

Rhyming Poetry Instructions

January 7

Welcome back! I hope your break was as enjoyable as mine. Now, back to work!!!

The only new homework is:

French: The “Les jours de la semaine” booklet is due Monday, January 12. The quiz is Wednesday, January 14th. Study the vocabulary from page 6.

Also, we are skating this Friday and each student needs a form signed and returned before they are allowed on the ice. Helmets are mandatory. Students are encouraged to bring their own gear if they have it. There is no cost for rentals if your child does not have their own skates or helmet.

There are a few students with old homework: the story map from our novel. Please complete this as ASAP!


Mr. H.