Friday, March 20

Have a happy, fun, long and relaxing holiday! Get refreshed and be ready to go when we come back.

Try to read each day. It worked for our dog, Candy!

Candy reading

Practice your math basics and practice your money.

See you all on Wednesday, April 8th.


Thursday, March 12


SCIENCE – 9.2 up to #7 due tomorrow

FRENCH –  Winter booklet due next Wed. and a quiz


Bring skates/helmet if you have. If not, free rentals are available.


March 4

A fabulous Winter Activity Day today! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

However, back to the reality.

We have our French “monkey quiz” on Friday. There are 10 prepositions to study for (anywhere a cat -or in this case a monkey, can go.) E.g. On = sur, under/beneath = sous, between = entre.


Mr. H.