Friday, April 17

The only new homework is:

SCIENCE– Study for chapter 9 test Thursday, April 23.

MATH – not homework but ask your child to solve 1/3 + 1/5, or 3/4 – 2/6.

We will wrap up the commercial filming next week. Ask your child if they are finished filming.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. H.


Thursday, April 9

LA – Students will need to hand in their novel unit on Monday for a mark. This afternoon we looked at the unit so far and ALL students know if they have work to complete. If so, they should have it in their backpack tonight.

MATH – Pages 123-124 due for tomorrow. Students need to show me the work in their math notebooks for questions 6-10. For example, on question 6 they need to show that $79.21 rounds to $80.00, and to then also have their estimate of the change from a one hundred dollar bill; $20.00.

Our Money Test will be next week. Please practice any of the pages from 110 – 124.

SOCIALS – Filming their commercials. Please bring any special props you might need. I have many here at the school already.

SCIENCE – Start reviewing for the chapter 9 test. We are about halfway through the chapter.

FRENCH – We are currently working on an in-class assignment.

PE – With the improved weather, we have begun distance running to improve our cardiovascular fitness. Better overall fitness and endurance will help students in any sport or physical activity.


Mr. H.