Thursday, May 28

SPORTS DAY TOMORROW! Note the attachment below for the team colour of your child in case you want to dress in a similar coloured shirt. It is not necessary as we have coloured ribbons for all students. Regular start and end time for the day. If possible, lather up your child in sunscreen and send them in a hat.

Sports Day 2015 teams

On a more academic note…

SOCIALS – We have the chapter 9 test coming up on Tuesday. Review notes. Monday’s class will be a review.

FRENCH – We have been spending time on body parts. A great website is called “study stacks” if you google -study stack french body parts- a site opens up with flashcard for 30 different parts of the body. The students need to correctly answer 26/30 in 2:00 or less. Only three students have achieved this so far.

PE – Sportsmanship is on the agenda, again.

MATH – We had our fraction test yesterday and are now starting the second workbook.

Hope to see you tomorrow! If not, have a great weekend!

Cheers! Mr. H.


Tuesday, May 26

A reminder of our math test tomorrow. Practice your fractions!

Another reminder is that Coquihalla Sports Day is Friday! Parents and guardians are welcome to attend.

Also, check out these pics from last week’s awesome trip to Playland.

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Mr. H.

Thursday, May 20

An awesome time at Playland today! Thanks so much to all the parent chaperones in both classes for volunteering their time and energy for the kids. Thank you Mrs. Koropatnisky, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Wright, Mrs. Weidenbacher, Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Hambly, Mrs. Feser, Mr. Clarke and Mrs. Thomsen.

It was a fantastic day and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Stay tuned for pics of the students having fun and learning about the science of forces and machines.


Mr. H.

Tuesday, May 19


We leave at 8 am sharp! Please be here by 7:45 so we can do attendance and load the bus.

Parent chaperones, please come to school with your child and we will convey down together to Vancouver. We have a list of your groups and a map to show you where to park.

Please dress for the weather although it looks like it will be warm and sunny. Bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and appropriate footwear for a day of hoofing it around the park. I have been told that some rides will not let you on with only flip flops. Choose wisely!

Also important; water, lunch and snacks. I don’t recommend bringing electronics. They could be lost or broken. Money is up to you.

See you tomorrow!

Mr. H.

Friday, May 8

Hello parents!

As of today, I have all the parent chaperones we are allowed, and maybe even one or two too many! I may have to do a lottery draw. Thank you for your interest. The kids will all have a great time. There may be another chance for parents to participate during the waterslide trip in June.

Thank you,

Mr. H.

Thursday, May 7


Just a reminder to parents and guardians that the Play Land permission forms are due back as soon as possible. Your child should have brought home two forms; a permission form to be signed and returned, and an information sheet with a spot for parents/guardians to volunteer as chaperones. Chaperones are required to have a criminal record check as they are responsible for a small group of children.


Mr. H.

May 3, 2015

Check out these pics from our trip to the Fraser River for our Watershed workshop put on by Hope Mountain School.

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Mr. H.