Friday, October 30

LA – Novel questions from chapters 7 & 8 due Tuesday. Full sentence answers are proving to be challenging!

MATH – 2-digit multiplication. Click on the link for: 2-digit-multiplying colour instructions  Please have your child practice the steps.

SOCIALS – Continuing chapter two.

SCIENCE – Chapter 5 TEST is coming up this Thursday! Review all vocab and worksheets. We will have a review on Tuesday.

FRENCH – School squash booklets were the last project. Ask your child what “une gomme, un cahier, or un bureau” are in English.

ART – New project next week.

And now and update on how the student planners are being used this year. Every day after lunch and before silent reading, we take a few minutes and fill out the planners. I stamp all planners with a red checkmark if they are filled out properly. If they are not ready, the students can bring them to me after school and I will stamp them. The whole point of the planners is for the students to become more responsible for their own homework, assignments and tests. Please ask to see your child’s planner and encourage them to use it daily. If they are not using it or are not bringing it home they are not doing their job. Feel free to contact me if you have concerns or if you would like more support for your kids. I am available during the second half of most lunch hours and after school most days for help.

Have a safe and happy Halloween! If you have jack-o’-lantern pics, email me and I will add them to this site!


Mr. H


Thursday, October 22

LA – In our novel, The Whipping Boy, we are up to chapter 4. Student have had vocabulary sheets and questions sheets. Please talk about full-sentence answers with your child.

E.g. Q: What is the prince’s name in the story?

A: Prince Brat

That is not a full-sentence answer. A full-sentence answer would be; The prince’s name in the story is Prince Brat.

Remind them to proofread for capital letters at the beginning of sentences and for proper nouns (Prince Brat, not prince brat)

and for periods.

Math – Multiplication. Up to page 70 in the workbook. Ask them to multiply 468 x 7 on a piece of paper for you.

Science – We are close to the end of chapter five. Students were to take their books home and review their vocabulary over the weekend. Vocab so far: circulatory system, heart, pulse, blood vessels (3 kinds- arteries, veins, capillaries) two parts to blood (liquid = plasma, solid = blood cells), three kinds of blood cells (red, white, platelets) and membrane.

SS – Continuing chapter two.

French – School quiz will be returned next week. School booklets were also due. A few students still need to complete and hand in.

PE – Starting basketball soon.

Check out the fantastic foil art!

Page_1 Page_2 Page_3 Page_4 Page_5 Page_6

Have a great weekend!


Mr. H

Monday, October 19


A few students need their forms returned! Bring skates and helmets if you have, otherwise we use the rec centre gear. There is no charge. Parents are welcome! We always need a few more skate tier-uppers!!!


Mr. H

October 16

MATH – up to page 67. Can your child multiply 4 x 30 in their head? How about 40 x 7, 6 x 300, 50 x 60?

SOCIALS – Chapter one tests were returned. Some students may want to do a re-quiz on the continents next week.

SCIENCE – Continuing in chapter 5.

FRENCH – School booklets are due Monday. School test is on Wednesday.

PE – Sportsmanship is a hot topic. Peer respect is earned through effort and safe, fair play.

ART – New project next week. The line designs and foil art are awesome!

Skating starts next week. Some students still need to return their forms.

Check out the following Family Portrait pics from drama!


Mr. H

Monday, October 5

LA – Spelling corrections from unit 4 and all words written in planners.

MATH – Up to page 61. Does your child know what do when they see the words, how much more, in total, difference, altogether, sum, how many fewer…

SOCIALS – Chapter One test on Wednesday. They should have the following words in their binders: ancestors, diversity, relief map, national anthem, native land, census, cultural origin, culture, heritage, 5-Region Map, survey, Group of Seven, Emily Carr.

Tomorrow we will also have a review crossword to help study for the test.

SCIENCE – Beginning chapter 5 tomorrow. Chapter 4 tests returned later this week.

FRENCH – We started a “School Booklet.” Ask your child what pencil, or desk is in French. What is un style? Un livre?

PE – Distance running as long as the weather holds. Students are trying to build up their stamina and endurance, they are not necessarily racing against each other.

ART – Dream Job is now overdue. Last week of class time for Line Landscapes.

ALSO, WE SWIM TOMORROW AND THURSDAY THIS WEEK AND NEXT. Please bring swimsuits and towels. A few students still need to bring in their permission forms!

Picture Day is Thursday this week!


Mr. H

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