Monday, November 30

French quiz on “les jours de la semaine,” this Wednesday! Days of the week and months of the year. It would help to know the seasons of the year and the vocab for day, week, year.

Science test on Friday! Vocab: skeleton, bones, skull, spinal column, ribs, arm & leg bones, joint, ligaments, cartilage, bone marrow, muscles, tendons, involuntary muscles, voluntary muscles, contract, (see diagram on page 127).

We will finish the chapter off tomorrow, review on Thursday and test on Friday.

CURLING on Thursday as well.


Mr. H


November 28

LA – Working on our editing skills. Ask your child to proofread and correct this sentence.

this thursday is our second time curling at the hope curling club

(Hint: six corrections!)

MATH – Can your child solve these?

35          58                                                                                                                              x  7       x 26

SCIENCEChapter 6 test on Friday! Hopefully your child brought their notes home to study as it was in their planner.

SOCIALS – Canada maps need to completed on own time. We will begin chapter 3 in the text.

FRENCHQuiz Wednesday on the Days of the Week booklet. Also includes months and seasons.

ART – New project this week. Pastel art needs to be completed on own time.

PE – Basketball and indoor games.

•We curl again this Thursday! If possible, please have your child bring a spare pair of clean(ish) shoes to curl in. It is much easier on the ice than curling in the ones they use to walk to the rink.

SKATING coming up on on December 18.

Congratulations to Dakota, chosen as most creative student for November.


Mr. H

Wednesday, November 25

Just a quick note to say I didn’t have time to stamp the planners yesterday.

Also, We curl tomorrow! Clean shoes are needed to change into at the arena. Gym shoes are fine, or bring your cleanest runners.


Monday, November 23

A reminder that we have CURLING on THURSDAY this week. Students need to bring a clean pair of shoes (gym shoes are perfect) to use on the ice other than the ones they use to walk to the arena. We bus back by the end of the day.

This is all due to the generosity of the Hope Curling Club and the volunteer instructors.

If you did not have chance to schedule a parent/teacher interview for today, please email me and we can find a time that works for you.

Might as well start reviewing science vocabulary! Skeletal system, bones, skull, spinal column, ribs and arm and leg bones.


Mr. H

Monday, November 16

LA – Continuing the novel.

MATH – Up to page 90. Ask your child to solve: 23 ÷ 5, or 31 ÷ 7.

SOCIALSCHAPTER 2 TEST TOMORROW. All students should have a crossword and two review sheets as well as the vocabulary from the chapter to study.

SCIENCE – We will begin chapter 6 shortly.

FRENCH – Days, weeks, months booklet.

ART – New project this week.

PE – Continuing basketball. A reminder that participation, effort and sportsmanship all make up a part of the letter grade for PE.

We have the opportunity again this year to go curling. Thanks to the curling club and several enthusiastic volunteers, we are able to have four introductory lessons for free! Students need to bring a clean pair of shoes to curl in, (the cleanest runners they have) and wear a different pair to walk to the rink in. Helmets if they have, otherwise we can supply them. Brooms, instruction and the ice are all provided by the curling club!

Our first curling day is this Thursday, November 19.


Mr. H


Friday, November 6

LA – Students reading “The Whipping Boy,” have been working on “squash” booklets up to chapter eight. Ask your child to explain.

MATH – We will begin division next week but please ask your child to show you how to multiply 34 x 8 or 25 x 34

SOCIALS – Continuing chapter 2. Start to review the vocabulary: founding peoples (Canada has three), creation story, Bering Strait, Aboriginal Peoples, First Nations, Métis, official language, bilingual, bilingualism, colony, colonist and habitant.

SCIENCE – Chapter 5 tests were returned today. Although re-tests are not always an option, there will be a re-test for any student interested in improving their score on Monday during lunch hour.

FRENCH – We have an oral test coming up on Friday, November 13, based on the French greetings we have been working on. They students have a worksheet with the translation and pronunciation guide and they have made flashcards. Examples; salut = hi/bye [sa-loo]

ART – New project next week.

PE – Beginning basketball.

Have great weekend!

Mr. H

Monday, November 2

Science TEST Thursday!

Here are all the terms from the chapter. We went over them today and the kids all know if they don’t have all the words, they need to get them from a friend or see me at lunch or after school. We have a review crossword tomorrow.

Circulatory system, heart, pulse, blood vessels (3 types- arteries, veins, capillaries), blood (two parts- liquid/plasma and blood cells), blood cells (3 types- red, white, platelets), membrane, Excretory system, kidneys and bladder. Also worksheets 5.1, 5.2, 5.5 & 5.6 as well as reviewing the diagrams on pages 104 and 107.

Good luck!

Mr. H

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