Friday, December 18


Well, we made it 4/10 of the way through the year! (That’s a hint that we have fractions coming up in January! But I don’t want to spoil your holiday, so nuff said.)

Please read each day and have a fantastic, re-energizing, fun and relaxing holiday. Thank you for the kind cards and extras!

Merry Christmas and see you next year!


Mr. H

P.S. Check out our skating pics!Page_1Page_2Page_3Page_4Page_5Page_6


December 13

A reminder that we go skating on Tuesday , December 15 in the afternoon. We can always use more skate-tiers if parents are available! 

LA – Questions from chapters 19-20 are due Tuesday. We’ll have an open book test to finish off the novel.

MATH – We are reviewing. The test is on Wednesday. Practice multiplying 2 digits by one digit, two digits by two digits, long dividing, rounding & estimating, and solving word problems.

Click on the link for examples.Long division 3d by 1d -NR-32-digit-multiplying colour instructions

Rounding Practice –

Multiplication Word Problems – 2015

SOCIALS – A few students need to finish their maps of Canada. No new work.

Have a great day!




LA – No new homework. However, students should be aiming to read for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

MATH – Rounding. Ask your child to round 2 845 to the nearest tens, hundreds and thousands.

SCIENCE – Chapter 6 test was today and will be returned next week.

SOCIALS – Beginning chapter 3 next week.

FRENCH – Wednesday quiz returned. New booklet next week.

ART – Great pastel art in the hall! Pics to come next week.

Finally, congratulations to room 108. We are the repeat champs for our Coquihalla’s annual Door Decorating Contest! A great job by everyone with their artwork and ideas. We won a pizza lunch as a prize for Monday!

Check out the pics!

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Cheers! Have a great weekend!

Mr. H