January 31

French quiz on the Le corps (The body) on Wednesday this week. Students have been working on this unit for two weeks now. Do they know: la main, le cou, le bras, le derriere?

Congratulations to Room 108’s four candidates; Jocelyn, Hararjun, Eric and Brody, in our upcoming class elections. Each candidate had to give a speech upon being nominated and will participate in a debate this week.  The class election fits into chapter 5 Social Studies all about government in Canada. The electoral process will occur on Thursday this week.

See everyone Monday!


Tuesday, January 19

Hello parents!

If there are any parents who are available to help supervise a school math activity this Thursday, please let me know. It goes all day in the gym and you would be helping supervise a math game at a table. I know your time is valuable but if you were able to come for part of the day: 8:45-10:15, 10:30-12:00, or 1:00-2:30 or any part of the day, that would be great.

If not, no worries.


Mr. H

Monday, January 18

SOCIAL STUDIES Chapter 3 Test Tomorrow! – The complete word list for the chapter: emigration, (emigrate), immigration, (immigrate, immigrant), push factor, pull factor, pro, con, American Revolution, homestead, Loyalist, Underground Railroad, slaves, plantations, American Civil War, Pacific Rim, Chinatown, prejudice, lieutenant-governor, pacifist and persecute.

Students had a review crossword to help them study that is due tomorrow.

Science chapter 7 test on Thursday.


Mr. H

Tuesday, January 12

FRENCH – our quiz on French winter clothing is this Friday.

SOCIAL STUDIESChapter 3 TEST coming up next week on Tuesday, January 19. Vocal so far: emigration, (emigrate), immigration, (immigrate, immigrant), push factor, pull factor, pro, con, American Revolution, homestead, Loyalist, Underground Railroad, slaves, plantations and American Civil War.

SCIENCEChapter 7 TEST coming up next Friday, January 22. Vocal so far: Nervous system, brain, nerves, nerve cells, spinal cord, sense organs, reflex, diagram of brain p. 143.

Also, don’t forget we are CURLING on Thursday afternoon this week and the students need clean shoes, not the ones they walk to the rink in.

Plus, we are SKATING this Friday afternoon.


Mr. H

January 8

LA – Starting “Holes.” Students had a few questions to complete for Tuesday.

MATH – We had a “money” quiz today. It will be returned Monday. Give your child a handful of change and see if they can add it up.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Working in chapter 3 up to page 38.

SCIENCE – Working in chapter 7 up to page 143. Begin reviewing terms for the nervous system.

FRENCH – Working on a winter clothing unit. Vocab test upcoming.

ART – Grid name art is the current project.

PE – Volleyball. I love how much the students improve in volleyball when they work at their skills.

Next week we have CURLING on Thursday afternoon and SKATING on Friday afternoon.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H.