February 26

Science homework is 9.2 for Tuesday. The only other requirement over the weekend is reading each day. Try for 1/2 hour.

Math quizzes were handed back. A few students need a little more time to improve. Please use the weekend to practice. Use the internet as a resource (khanacadamy is a good site with instructional videos), or ask your parents, older siblings etc. to get better at fractions. I am away on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is our Intermediate Activity Day. Therefore, the fraction help will have to wait until Thursday at lunch.

Have a great weekend! Try some planking! Do a few ball jumps! Brush your teeth with the opposite hand…on one foot!

Congratulations to Neela, our “cooperative,” Student of the Month for February!


Mr. H


Wednesday, Feb. 17

MATH – reducing fractions – finish page 22 for Thursday.

SOCIALS – Chapter 5 TEST coming up next Wed. Feb. 24. Know the three levels of government in Canada, who the councillors, MLA’s and MP’s are, where they meet, their leaders, the purpose of government.

FRENCH – La famille quiz next week as well. know mere = mother, pere = father, etc.

Congratulation to Jocelyn, who, after a tie in the first ballot, was elected as our class Prime Minister. Well done to Jocelyn and to our other three candidates, Eric, Brody and Hararjun.


Mr. H

PS – Intermediate Activity Day forms went home today. Please sign and return with any applicable fees.