Friday, May 27

Just finished an improvised, but wonderful “Fun Day” here at Coquihalla!

No new homework or assignments but remember to read daily.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. H


Thursday, May 19

LA – The novel group is working on “Call it Courage.”

MATH – Fractions. Can your child solve 3/5 of 25? 2/3 of 18? Find an equivalent fraction for 1/5 that has 15 as a denominator? Try this problem: Out of the 28 students in them class, 3/7 of them like chocolate ice cream the best. How many students like chocolate ice cream?

SCIENCE – A different kind of test next week. More of a group assignment on chapter one.

SOCIAL STUDIES –  Working on a map of BC.

FRENCH – Finishing up PowerPoints on French conversations.

ART – Locker art now overdue. New project next week. The art show is coming up in early June. All students can enter a project, either from a school assignment or a project made at home.

PE – Track and Field is wrapping up but the District Track and Field day is coming up in two weeks. Your child will know on Tuesday if they qualified.

Congratulations to Ceana, Sarah, Chantel and Dez for their terrific singing performance from Coquihalla Idol yesterday. Well done!

Friday the 27 is Coquihalla’s Fun Day. Parents are welcome to come and watch their child participate and compete for fun.

The following Friday morning, June 3, we are going to tour the Nestle Waters plant courtesy of Nestle  Waters and Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning. This is a bus trip and requires a signed permission slip which went home yesterday.

Have a great Long Weekend!


Mr. H

May 14

Check out the PlayLand pics from last week!