Monday, October 31

Science TEST on Friday this week!  Chapter five, all about the circulatory system.  Know vocabulary, parts of the system, and how it is connected to the digestive and respiratory systems.

Vocab so far:  circulatory system, heart, blood, blood vessels, pulse, arteries, veins, capillaries, blood cells (3-kinds) membrane and plasma so far.


Mr. H


October 29

Check out these pics from our Friday trip to Fraser Canyon Hospital to carve pumpkins with the residents.



Mr. H

Thursday, October 27

Just a reminder that tomorrow we walk to the extended care unit of the hospital for our carving pumpkins with seniors day.

Also, please have your parent or guardian sign your planner for tomorrow.


Mr. H

Thursday, October 20

LA – Chapter 2 of our novel. No new homework.

MATH – We had a math quiz today on multiplication.  Ask your child to show you the super easy shortcut method to multiplying  30 x 80.  A great online resource is called It has instructional videos and practice on almost any math topic (as well as other subject areas) that you can imagine.

SOCIALS – Beginning chapter 2.  Review vocabulary

SCIENCE – Working in chapter 5 – the circulatory system. Review vocabulary.

FRENCH – Quiz scores were given back today.  Ask your child how they did.  New unit next week.

PE – Indoor games.

ART – Candy art is coming to a close.  Foil art coming up next week.

Check out thisssssssss pic of Riley from the presssssentation by Urban Sssssafari last Wednessssday.


Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

October 16

LA – Began our novel, From Anna.

MATH – Tests scores tomorrow from the test on addition and subtraction.  Beginning multiplication and division.

SOCIALS – Beginning chapter two in the text.

SCIENCE – Continuing chapter five.  Can your child connect the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems? Name the organs of the circulatory system?

FRENCH – School vocabulary quiz on Wednesday this week.  “Dans mon pupitre il y a…” booklets are also due.  A few students needed to finish their school package.

PE – Distance running if the weather holds.  Indoor games and skill development.

ART – Candy art is the current project.

Check out these pics of our morning fitness!



Mr. H

P.S.  The secret word is etudiant (“student,” in French).

Thursday, October 13

Check out these talented artists hard at work on their latest project. Sweet!

Happy Thanksgiving!

And on that note, we have a continents and oceans quiz on Wednesday.  The maps are due as well.

Have a great final day of your long weekend.


Mr. H