Sunday, December 18

MATH – Huge quiz tomorrow!

Just kidding!

Have a great Christmas break and a Happy New Year!  Thank you for all the kind cards, sweets and gifts.

See you all next year!

Mr. H


Monday, December 12




Mr. H

December 11

LA – Finishing up our novel.

MATH – Quiz on long dividing and rounding on Friday.  Can your child round 1,783 to the nearest tens? Hundreds? Thousands?

SCIENCE – Chapter 6 TEST on Wednesday!  We have one more class of review on Monday. Does your child know the difference between ligaments and tendons?  Voluntary and involuntary muscles?  How the skeletal system works with the muscular?  With the respiratory or digestive systems?

SOCIALS – Chapter 3 TEST on Friday!  We have two more classes this coming week before the test.  Does your child know the difference between the American Revolution and the American Civil War?  Pull factor or push factor? Do they know the Underground Railroad is not about trains?

FRENCH – Winter words quiz on Wednesday!  Review your package!

Phew!  That sure is a lot of quizzes in one week!  We will have time for review during class time.  I am available at lunch or after school for extra help but students will need to put in some time studying at home in order to be successful.

The Coquihalla Christmas Concert is a little different this year.  There is only one performance day – Thursday afternoon at 12:30.  Wednesday afternoon is the rehearsal and you are welcome to attend that day if it is more convenient.  It will be much easier to find a seat on Wednesday as well.

Well, we didn’t win the Best Door Contest.  But I think the kids did a great job.  Check out the pics of all the little elves and helpers!

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Mr. H