Tuesday, January 31

LA – Nothing new but a few students need to complete overdue work.

MATH – Money tests were handed back.  Ask your child their score.  If your child had a low score please have them see me at lunch or after school or practice counting up spare change at home. We began a fraction unit today.  Ask your child what the numbers in a fraction are called and what they mean. E.g. 1/4

SCIENCE -Chapter 8 tests returned.  Beginning chapter 9.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Working on maps of Canada.

FRENCH – Tests returned tomorrow.

A few housekeeping issues-

  1. I am taking a course at Douglas college and recently sent a permission form home concerning a research assignment I am trying out on our class.  The information I collect will be anonymous.  If you are okay with me using your kids to try out new games, please send in the form.  If not, there is a “not interested” box to check off.
  2. I sent home a permission form for curling next week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  (The form is actually not for the curling, it is for the bus ride home from the rink.)  Students need to have a spare set of clean(ish) shoes to wear on the ice.  We walk to the arena so they can’t curl in the shoes they wear to the rink as they will be dirty and scratch the ice.  Their gym shoes are fine.
  3. Winter Activity Day Selection forms went home with activities for you to help your child choose from.  The actual day is March 1st. This form is only to let us know how many students we will have in each activity. Any monies can be sent in later, with the actual permission form.

Mr. H





Thursday, January 19


A reminder of the math quiz next week on Tuesday.  We have worked up to page 124 in their workbook.  Practice adding and subtracting money, counting money, making change.

Also, the chapter 8 science test is on Thursday.  Review vocabulary, reread chapter and worksheets, try to answer the Check Your Understanding questions.

French quiz on days of the week & months of the year will be the following week.

Check out these pics from our buddy class today with Mrs. Dobras’ class!


Have a great long weekend!


Mr. H

Monday , January 16

LA – We’ve been working on writing 5 (to 8) sentence paragraphs.  Ask your child to fill in the blanks on how to write a paragraph:

All paragraphs begin with a _____ sentence.  Our 5-sentence paragraphs have three (minimum) detail ________ that have examples or explain more about your topic.  You always end a paragraph with a _______ sentence.

MATH – MONEY!!!  Who doesn’t like money?  You have $3.30 using 6 coins.  What are the coins?  Can you solve using 5 coins?  If you have $2.00 and buy a hot chocolate for $1.35, how much change would you get back using the fewest coins?  Money TEST next Tuesday, January 24.

SCIENCETEST coming up for chapter 8 next week on Thursday, January 26.  Start to review vocabulary and worksheets.

SOCIALS – Working on maps of Canada.  All maps have instructions and marking rubrics.

FRENCH – Working on a days of the week, months of the year booklet.

ART – Grid names.


Mr. H

Monday, January 9

Can you believe it?  Another SNOW DAY!

Be safe!  See you all tomorrow!



Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome back!  I hope your holiday was fun and restful.  Hopefully your brains are all reenergized and ready to learn!

A reminder that tomorrow is PE so bring gym shoes!

See you tomorrow!

Mr. H


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