Friday, February 24

Enjoy your extra day off!  This is the last week for any overdue assignments before the end of second term.  Please check the overdue list and get yourself caught up.  You can always ask for help during lunch or after school if you want extra support.

Practice those timetables!  Plank!


Mr. H


Tuesday, February 21

To all parents and guardians ,

A letter went home about lice at our school.  This is just a heads up to check your child each night for the next little while.  Please remind them not to share hats etc.

Mr. H

Monday, February 20

Great fun at the bowling alley today!  Check out the pics!



Sunday, February 19

LA – Paragraph construction.  Ask your child to explain the introductory sentence. What does it tell the reader? What follows it?  What ends a paragraph?

MATH – Adding and subtracting fractions.  Can your child solve: 3/5 + 2/10

SCIENCE – Working in chapter 9.  Vocabulary to know so far: renewable resources, living renewable resources & non-living renewable resources (examples of each!), harvesting, aquaculture, commercial fishing, sport fishing, processing salmon (why?), 3 ways (traditional, European, modern).  Also, know a few reasons causing the number of salmon to decline.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Finishing off booklets on Canada and maps of Canada (now overdue) and beginning a new chapter next week.

FRENCH – Ask for some basic greetings from your child.  Example, hello, goodbye, how are you? I am fine etc.

ART – Some fantastic Roy Henry Vickers pastel art in the hallway.  Check it out if you are in the school. Grid names also turned out great!

ALSO, a reminder that we go bowling first thing tomorrow morning 9:00 – 9:45.  We walk to the lanes, so dress for the weather.


Mr. H


Saturday, February 11

Wow!  What a lot of snow days!  Well, hopefully we will have school on Monday and get back to work.  Enjoy your weekend.  Read!  Do some timetables!  And some fractions!  Plank during the commercials!  Don’t forget to smile!!!


Mr. H