Friday, April 28

LA –  Please ask your child what a “full-sentence answer,” would be for the question, who is the main character in the novel, Holes?

Also ask them to add quotations and correctly punctuate the following sentence:

                       class said mr h did you finish your homework

MATH – Number patterns.  Complete these sequences by finding the pattern (gap) between the terms (numbers).  Then write the rule.

    1, 4, 7, __,  __,  __        Rule: Start at…

    34, 29, 24, __, __, __

SCIENCE – Continuing chapter 10.  Start to review vocabulary.

SOCIALS – Almost finished chapter 5.  Start to review vocabulary.

FRENCH – Body parts quiz will be coming up next week.

Check out these pics from our trip to the Nestle Waters plant last Thursday.

Nestle Waters 2017


Mr. H


Thursday, April 27

A few pics from our school wide skipping yesterday afternoon!

Skipping 2017


Mr. H

Tuesday, April 25

Note to parents and guardians: we have enough chaperones for the PlayLand trip.  Thank you to those five parents who volunteered!

Also, a reminder that on Thursday this week, we go to the Nestle Waters for our plant tour.  If there were one or two parents to come along and chaperone that would be great.  And now a safety message: Please tie all long hair tied back and please no sandals, flip flops or any other open-toed footwear.  Also, we are outside for part of the tour so please dress for the weather.


Mr. H

Friday, April 21

LA – Reading the novel, Holes.  Students should be done their title pages.

MATH – Patterns in numbers.  If input 1 = output 4, input 2 = output 6, input 3 = output 8, find the rule.  (Hint: write it up as a T chart.)  Solve for input 10.

SCIENCE – Continuing with chapter 10 on non-renewable resources.  Vocal so far: non-renewable, 2 main types of non-renewable resources (fossil fuels, minerals), peat, extracted, underground mining, open-pit mining, (pros and cons of each), air shed and air pollution.

SOCIALS – Continuing chapter 5 on government.  Vocal so far: politicians, appeal, purpose of government, 3 levels of government and a couple of things about each level. E.g. Federal = leader is Prime Minister, meet in Ottawa at the Parliament Buildings, MP’s are elected and are Members of Parliament, make laws for the whole country.

ART – Print making art.  I don’t usually do a lot of painting…

FRENCH – The human body.

PE – Will try to get outside to practice for track and field.

We took part in the “Pitch In” community clean up and worked our way down Wallace and Corbett street.  The kids all did fantastic!


Have a great long weekend!


Mr. H.


Thursday, April 13

Have a great Easter weekend!

Thanks to the treats brought in by several of the students!  Also a big thanks to Mrs. Williams who had the entire class baking today.  Sorry, too busy to click any pics!

Check out pics from yesterday’s Fraser River Watershed workshop!

Fraser Watershed 2017

Mr. H

April 9

LA – Starting a new novel on Tuesday.

MATH – Almost finished with the fraction unit. Another quiz this week to finish off.  Can your child add 3/4 and 5/8?  Can they add 1 1/2 and 2 2/3? And they convert 3 4/5 to an improper fraction?  Can they convert 31/6 into a mixed fraction?

SOCIALS – Continuing with chapter 5 on government.  Does your child know the 3 levels of government in Canada?  Which level meets in the Legislature?  Which level has a mayor?  Which level meets in Ottawa?  How do politicians get their jobs?

SCIENCE – Continuing chapter 10 on non-renewable resources in BC: minerals and fossil fuels.  Students should be able to give examples of both kinds.  Why should we use wise choices when using non-renewable resources?

ART – A few students are behind on their projects.  Get caught up, please!

PE – We will be starting track and field soon.

A notice went home on Friday about our upcoming field trip to Nestle Waters on Thursday, April 27.  Two parent volunteers to help chaperone the kids would really be helpful if you are interested.  Please remember that parent chaperones need criminal record checks.  Forms are available at the office.

Nestle Waters help support the Hope Mountain School workshop that is happening this Wednesday for our class.  We walk to the river rain or shine, so please ensure students are dressed for the weather.

Mr. H

Monday, April 3

Welcome back!

LA – Unit 13 Spelling test Friday

MATH – Home work up to page 35.

SOCIALS – Beginning chapter 5.  Students should know the names of the 3 levels of government in Canada and be able to tell you a couple things about each level.
E.g. Provincial government is for BC (and all provinces/territories), meet in Victoria (or capital city) at the Legislature/Legislative Building, leader is the premier, MLA’s and premier are elected.
Hopefully they can give you a couple bits of info for each level of government.

SCIENCE – Beginning chapter 10 tomorrow.

FRENCH – We have a quiz this Friday on the Weather booklet.


In May our class is going to PlayLand for a “science” field trip.  We need 5 or 6 parents to help out as chaperones.  Please let me know if you can help out.  It is a fun day with the kids.  Also remember that you need a current criminal record check if you are interested.


Mr. H



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