Friday, April 28

LA –  Please ask your child what a “full-sentence answer,” would be for the question, who is the main character in the novel, Holes?

Also ask them to add quotations and correctly punctuate the following sentence:

                       class said mr h did you finish your homework

MATH – Number patterns.  Complete these sequences by finding the pattern (gap) between the terms (numbers).  Then write the rule.

    1, 4, 7, __,  __,  __        Rule: Start at…

    34, 29, 24, __, __, __

SCIENCE – Continuing chapter 10.  Start to review vocabulary.

SOCIALS – Almost finished chapter 5.  Start to review vocabulary.

FRENCH – Body parts quiz will be coming up next week.

Check out these pics from our trip to the Nestle Waters plant last Thursday.

Nestle Waters 2017


Mr. H


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I am a grade 5 teacher at Coquihalla Elementary School.

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