Friday, September 29

LA – We’ve been working on parts of speech and grammar.  Ask your child what a noun or verb is and give an example in a sentence.  Can they add an adjective or adverb?  Ask them to give you an antonym and synonym for the word “large.”

MATH – This week was addition with carrying.  Ask your child to add 278 + 986.

SCIENCE – Chapter 4 test is on Thursday, October 5.  Students should know the vocabulary and parts of the digestive and respiratory systems.

SOCIALS – We finished maps of the world and began chapter one in the text.

FRENCH – Numbers and colours quiz was Wednesday and the re-quiz was today.  Ask your child their score.  All of their marked work will stay here at school until the end of the term in their folders.

PE – Participation, effort, fair play and leadership all contribute to the letter grade they will earn in PE.

ART – New project next week.  The grid name project and the dream job will need to be completed on their own time.

Congratulations to Aaliyah for being chosen Student of the Month for her excellent organizational skills!

Check out these pics of our class during our morning exercises!

Room 110 fitness

have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H


Friday, September 15

Well, the first week of real work began.  Here is what has been keeping us busy.

LA – We worked on a homonym exercise as a way for the kids to use the correct usage of words such as: too, two and to, as well as they’re, their and there.

MATH – Working on place value and expanded form.  Ask your child to expand 3, 457 using base ten materials and using numerals.

SOCIAL STUDIES –  World map quiz on Wednesday. See map below.


SCIENCE – The digestive system.  Vocabulary the students have so far: cells, tissues, organs, systems, digestion, nutrients and The Digestive Process (5 steps). Ask your child where nutrients are absorbed into the body.

FRENCH – Learning numbers up to 12 and colours.  Ask your child how many fingers they have and for the colour of their shirt.

PE – Participation, effort, and sportsmanship make up the PE grade.

The Terry Fox Run and Pie-A-Teacher are both on Friday the 22nd. Lots of tickets left if your child is interested in raising money for cancer research and a chance to pie a teacher.

If you have any concerns please feel free to email me or stop by the classroom at the end of the day.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H



Tuesday, Sept. 12

A few housekeeping notes…

Open House is Wednesday, September 20 from 6 pm to 7 pm.  The format is a little bit different and hopefully more fun.

The Terry Fox Run and Pie-A-Teacher are both on Friday, Sept. 22.

The students all have planners now and are using them daily.  If they fill them out properly, they get a red stamp from me.  They should be asking for a signature at least once a week to ensure that you are seeing their planners.  Using their planners regularly contributes to their careers education grade.  Establishing good work habits now will help contribute to personal and academic success in the future.

Feel free to leave a note for me in their planner or email if the issue is more pressing.


Mr. H


Wednesday, Sept. 6

Welcome to grade 5 in room 110!

This is the class online homework board. It is for parents and guardians as well as the students, although they will all soon have personal agendas to help them remember their assignments. Reading daily and practicing their timetables is their daily homework and should be written in their agendas every day.

I usually make one post a week outlining the upcoming tests/homework, overdue assignments and sometimes goofy pics from the class.

Feel free to stop by or email me at if you have any concerns or questions.


Mr. H


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