Wednesday, November 29

We have been working on a French booklet about the days of the week, months of the year and the seasons. A great on-line resource to use to help study is called Study Stack Flashcards. You can make an account for free and create your flashcards for any subject.

You don’t need an account to use it. If you type in “Study Stack Flash Cards” and enter:


into the search box, it will bring up the words from our current booklet that I made for the kids today. Alas, I see that I misspelled samedi as semedi. I can try to change it tomorrow.

Good luck!

Mr. H


Monday, November 20

Hey gang,

Trying something new with Kahoot! It’s a challenge game. Go to this address and see if it works. If so, we can try and do reviews this way for tests and quizzes.


Screenshot 2017-11-20 10.09.28


Friday, November 17

LA – Ask your child to give you two synonyms and antonyms for: cold.

MATH – Ask your child to solve a two-digit multiplication problem.  Use the steps in the attachment if they need help remembering.2-digit multiplying instructions –

SOCIALSChapter 2 test is next Thursday!  Review terms from notes.  E.g. founding peoples, creation story, Aboriginal, First Nations, Métis, Inuit, Bering Strait, official language, bilingual, bilingualism, colony, colonist, habitants, what furs the Europeans wanted and what the Aboriginal traders wanted for the furs.

SCIENCE – New chapter next week.  The kids should all know their test scores from chapter 5.

FRENCH – A new unit next week.  Kids should all know their scores from the last unit on school.

We finished off curling today.  A big thank you to Ken Campbell and the Hope Curling Club for providing ice time and volunteers to help instruct the kids. A noticeable improvement after only 4 lessons!

Report cards go home next week. Any parent wanting to talk or meet about their child’s report can contact me at my email address or leave a message at the office.

No school Monday!

Have a great long weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

Curling in November!

Click on the link below to check out pics from our last two trips to the Hope Curling Club for free lessons from club members.  Thank you Hope Curling Club!

Curling 2017


Mr. H
P.S. I kept their planners for the weekend. 😉

Thursday, November 9

Just a reminder that we curl again tomorrow!  Dress warm!  Bring an extra paint of clean shoes!


Mr. H

P.S. Your child is supposed to ask you to sign their planner today!!!  Have some fun with this info!  Make sure they tell you their scores from the French quiz yesterday and the math test from today before you sign anything!  Give them a math problem!  Make them show you the dance move they have in mind (or make up on the spot!) for our class dance.




Monday, November 6

Our French quiz is Wednesday!   To help study, check out this website:

Search “Classroom and School.”  Open the link that was created by Dhoshowski with 25 questions.

Try to beat my time of 46 seconds!


P.S. We curl tomorrow! Students need a second pair of shoes and warm clothes as we walk to the rink. 

P.P.S We have the chapter 5 science test on Thursday!  Study terms, review notes!!!

Friday, November 3

LA – We started a novel called, “The Whipping Boy.”  Please ask your child to explain (which is really like having them do a summary!) what has happened so far.

MATH – We had an multiplication quiz today.  The students will know their scores on Monday.

SCIENCE – We are partway through chapter 5.  Start to review the vocabulary so far:  circulatory system, heart, blood and pulse.  Ask your child how the circulatory system works with the digestive and respiratory systems.

SOCIALS – Chapter two is progressing.

FRENCH – The quiz on the “school” booklet is Wednesday.  The booklet is due before the quiz.  Flashcards are a great way to study for a test.

PE – Participation, effort, fair play and leadership all contribute to the letter grade they will earn in PE.

ART – Candy art is now overdue.  we are working on bookmarks.

We curl on Tuesday after lunch.  We walk to the arena -rain or shine- so dress for the weather, please!  Students need helmets so if they have their own please bring it.  Otherwise we have helmets they can borrow.  They also need clean shoes other than the ones they use to walk to the rink. Also, it is freezing in the rink so please dress warmly.  You can take it off but you can’t put it on if you don’t have it.

Other curling dates are the 10th, 15th and 17th.

Scholastic Book orders for November due on the 28th.

Check out these pics from today’s trip to the Nestle Waters plant!  Thanks to Nestle and Hope Mountain School!

Nestle plant tour 2017


Mr. H

Wednesday, November 1

We have a multiplication quiz on Friday.  Ask your your child multiply 27 x 8.  How about or 9 x 40 or 20 x 80 using the super fast easy shortcut method?

Also on Friday we have a field trip to Nestle Waters, leaving at 10:00 and returning at 12:00.

Check out these pumpkins, courtesy of Isabella and her brother!

Check out these two pumpkin pics courtesy of Bryn (and mom!)

My daughters carved these ones.



Mr. H

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