Friday, November 17

LA – Ask your child to give you two synonyms and antonyms for: cold.

MATH – Ask your child to solve a two-digit multiplication problem.  Use the steps in the attachment if they need help remembering.2-digit multiplying instructions –

SOCIALSChapter 2 test is next Thursday!  Review terms from notes.  E.g. founding peoples, creation story, Aboriginal, First Nations, Métis, Inuit, Bering Strait, official language, bilingual, bilingualism, colony, colonist, habitants, what furs the Europeans wanted and what the Aboriginal traders wanted for the furs.

SCIENCE – New chapter next week.  The kids should all know their test scores from chapter 5.

FRENCH – A new unit next week.  Kids should all know their scores from the last unit on school.

We finished off curling today.  A big thank you to Ken Campbell and the Hope Curling Club for providing ice time and volunteers to help instruct the kids. A noticeable improvement after only 4 lessons!

Report cards go home next week. Any parent wanting to talk or meet about their child’s report can contact me at my email address or leave a message at the office.

No school Monday!

Have a great long weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H