Friday, December 22

Have a great holiday and enjoy the time off. I hope you all can relax and recharge your batteries. I know I will!

Thank you to all the parents/guardians who sent snacks with their kids today. They were delicious! The gifts were also very kind and generous. This is a nice, fun group of kids and I have enjoyed our first four months together. Congratulations to Ethan for being December’s student of the month!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Mr. H

P.S. Keep reading every day!


Thursday, December 14

-We have a social studies test coming up next week. Please review the words from chapter 3. The chapter is all about immigrants and  immigration to Canada. One of the countries that immigrants came from is the United States. As such, we talk about two times when push factors caused large numbers of people to leave the US and come to Canada: the American Revolution and the American Civil War. Students often get these two conflicts mixed up. Please work hard to keep them straight.

Also, we are the Christmas Door Decorating champs. (Again! We tied, actually) and our classroom has won a free pizza lunch tomorrow! Unless your child does not like pizza, he/she does not need a lunch tomorrow!

-In Language Arts they have novel questions from chapter 18 that are due on Monday.

Check out our “changing picture” door!

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Mr. H

Friday, December 1

In math we began the next topic: division. Ask your child to share 24 cookies onto 6 plates.  Or ask them to share those same 24 cookies evenly with 8 friends.

In social studies we’ve talked about immigration, emigration, push factors and pull factors. Ask your child for an example of a push factor and a pull factor and to use it in a sentence with immigrate/immigration and emigrate/emigration.

In French we are still working on the days of the week booklet. We will squeeze in the quiz on Friday, December 8, this coming week.

Congratulations to Isabella, this month’s student of the month for her amazing creativity.

I may have forgotten to mention last month’s winner, Griffin, for being consistently respectful.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H


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