Friday, December 1

In math we began the next topic: division. Ask your child to share 24 cookies onto 6 plates.  Or ask them to share those same 24 cookies evenly with 8 friends.

In social studies we’ve talked about immigration, emigration, push factors and pull factors. Ask your child for an example of a push factor and a pull factor and to use it in a sentence with immigrate/immigration and emigrate/emigration.

In French we are still working on the days of the week booklet. We will squeeze in the quiz on Friday, December 8, this coming week.

Congratulations to Isabella, this month’s student of the month for her amazing creativity.

I may have forgotten to mention last month’s winner, Griffin, for being consistently respectful.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H



About Mr. Hoshowski

I am a grade 5 teacher at Coquihalla Elementary School.

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