Friday, Feb. 23

A reminder that we have a science test this Thursday, March 1.

Review terms from chapter 8 such as: resources, natural resources, living and non-living resources, ecosystem, environmental impact, conservation, recycling, reusing, reducing and biodegradable, to name a few.

Also practice counting money. If you had 2 ten dollar bills, a toonie, a quarter, a five dollar bill and 3 nickels, how much money would you have? Remember to always use either the dollar notation ($) or cent notation (ยข) but never both.

Using three of either bills and/or coins, try to make $11. How about using five bills and coins? How about the fewest number of bills or coins?

Congratulations to Isabella, Bryn and Aaliyah for their wonderful performances at Coquihalla Idol on Thursday. Super job!

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H


Monday, February 12

A reminder that we swim again on Thursday this week. We walk to the pool rain or shine so please dress for the weather.

We are working on a money unit in math. Have your child count out a pile of coins. Ask them if they could make the same amount with fewer coins.

Check out these pics from our Silent Llama Ninja Academy!

Silent Ninja 2018

One more thing….Go Canada Go! 7 medals already!!!


Mr. H

Thursday, February 8

LA – Beginning word processing, formatting documents etc.

SCIENCE – Chapter 8 on resources.

SOCIALS – Government. Ask your child what the government for a city or town is called. How about for a province? What is a mayor and who is Hope’s mayor? What does MLA stand for and how do these politicians get their jobs? What is the job of a politician?

FRENCH – French Winter quizzes were returned today. Students have a chance at a re-quiz tomorrow if they correct the first one. All booklets from the Christmas unit are well overdue. Please hand in the Winter booklet tomorrow if you haven’t already.

Congratulations to Carter for being the Student of the Month for January! He shows admirable determination every single day!


Mr. H


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