Thursday, May 17

Have a great long weekend everyone! Click on the link below to check out the pics from our PlayLand trip yesterday!

PlayLand 2018


Mr. H

Monday, May 13

A notice went home about lice. Please check your child’s head.

Our PlayLand trip is Wednesday this week!

Please dress for the weather. Pack a lunch, snacks, water (in a plastic bottle) hat and sunscreen. Wear comfortable shoes. Please, no flip flops! No electronics needed. There are food stands available but the line-ups are often long and slow. Much better to spend your time on rides than in food lines. 

As this is a science field trip we will be looking at concepts such as; forces, gravity, friction, surface texture, ramps and slope.


Mr. H

Friday, May 4

LA – Up to chapter 8 in our new novel, Holes.

MATH – finished up the fraction unit. New unit next week.

SCIENCE – Chapter 9 test was returned. Ask your child how they did!

SOCIALS – Advertising unit. We will hopefully start filming commercials next week!

FRENCH – A unit on the human body. Ask your child to translate; le bras, la bouche, le derriere, le cou.

ART – Check out the pastel limericks in the hall!

A reminder that we have Kit Kids on Monday. All Fit Kid leaders should be here before 8:30 to help set up a station. We also have swimming lessons on Tuesday next week.

Our PlayLand trip is Wednesday, May 16. I think we have all the adult chaperones needed. The form will go home next week.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

May 2018

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