Weekly Update

LA – Talked about nouns and a 5-sentence paragraph. We will continue with paragraph writing all year.

MATH – Place value and expanded form. Ask your child to write these in standard from (numerals)

50 000 + 4 000 + 300 + 80 + 2 =

5 ten thousands + 7 hundreds + 4 tens =

SOCIALS – Chapter one in our textbook.  Vocabulary they should have written in their binders includes: diversity, ancestors, relief map, national anthem, native land, cultural origin, heritage, culture, census and survey. We also completed a map of the 5 regions of Canada (p. 8)

SCIENCE – We began with the unit on the human body in chapter 4 and are almost finished with the digestive system. Vocab includes: cells, tissues, organs, body systems, digestion, nutrients and the digestive process (p. 89)

FRENCH – Their quiz on numbers and colours was returned today. They know their scores. The quizzes remain here until the term is over. A new unit starts next week.

ART – Completing our Dream Job project.

PE – Talked today about the expectations for PE and Health. Shared the first term descriptors that will be in their reports.

[PE – In the first term we worked at raising our physical exertion level in a variety of indoor games. Effort, participation, leadership and safe play all contribute to the letter grade earned.

HEALTH – In the first term we worked at sustaining 10 minutes of daily physical activity to develop our personal health and fitness.]

A few housekeeping notes:

The swimming schedule has changed. We do not swim on September 27. It has been changed to Friday October 26.

On Tuesday it is the Terry Fox run (rain or shine) and Pie-A-Teacher day.

I did not stamp planners on Thursday. That was on me, not the kids.

Our class rule or expectation is only word long but has infinite importance in how we conduct ourselves. Ask your child to give examples showing how to be respectful in different scenarios or locations.

Check out the posters below!


Have a great weekend!


Mr. H