Yesterday I talked to the kids about Leadership and what it means. 
Leaders often have these 5 qualities:
1.  Leaders have a positive attitude    
     A leaders says, “Yes I can!”
2. Leaders overcome adversity          
     A leaders says, “It’s not a problem, it’s a challenge!”
3. Leaders have perseverance            
     A leaders says, “Never give up!”
4. Leaders have commitment            
     A leaders says, “I will make mistakes but I will learn from them and move on.”
5. Leaders work towards excellence
     A leaders says, “I will always do my best!”
These are the kinds of qualities I am looking for and trying to cultivate and improve in your kids. Many students have some of these qualities. I am hoping to help bring these qualities out more often and in more areas.
Please talk about Leadership with your kids!
Mr. H

About Mr. Hoshowski

I am a grade 5 teacher at Coquihalla Elementary School.

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