Happy Halloween!

Have a fun, safe and happy Halloween! Check out these pumpkin pics from Jaxson and Kya!

image1 copyimage1

And remember that we swim tomorrow morning!!! We leave at 8:45, as soon as attendance is complete. Dress for the weather! We walk rain or shine.


Here are our pumpkins.


Mr. H


Weekly Review

We have a math test next week on addition and subtraction. Ask your child to properly set up 3 457 + 5 387 as well as $38.76 – $9.89. make sure they line up the decimal! Ask them what some of the key words are in a math problem that lets them know whether to add or subtract.

We finished this week with swimming and a presentation by Natasha Davidson from Douglas College on math and origami. The kids are in various stages of constructing their own 3-d spheroids. We can hang up the completed ones in class or some students took them home to complete.

We swim next Thursday as well! Today was a very wet walk and a few students were underdressed. The three extra umbrellas in the classroom sure came in handy!

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

Wednesday, October 24

LA – Still working on writing 5-sentence paragraphs. Ask your child what the first sentence is called. The next three sentences? The last sentence?

MATH – Subtracting with borrowing. A few mistake students make:

  1. writing the smaller number on top: e.g.     234                                                                                                                           –497

2. subtracting bottom to top: e.g.  765                                                                                                                                    – 376                                                                                                                                        411

You can’t take 6 away from 5! Or 7 away from 6!

3. Borrowing from zeroes: e.g.   3004                                                                                                                                    -875

These ones mix them up. Give your child a subtracting question that requires borrowing and one borrowing over zeroes.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Into chapter two. Vocabulary so far: founding peoples (Canada has 3), creation story, Aboriginal peoples, First Nations, Inuit and Métis,

SCIENCE – Students will know their chapter 4 test scores as we will be going over the test tomorrow.

FRENCH – Started a new booklet on Halloween.

ART – Halloween art is out on the bulletin board. I’ll post pics soon but check it out if you are in the school!

If you send me a pic of your jack-o-lantern, I will post it online.

SWIMMING ON FRIDAY! Bring towel and trunks! We walk to the pool rain or shine so dress for the weather!


Mr. H





Fraser River Watershed

Check out these pics from last weeks watershed workshop.

Fraser Watershed 2018

Hope you are having a great weekend!


Mr. H

Fraser Watershed Workshop

Just a reminder that tomorrow we walk to the Fraser River for a Fraser Watershed Workshop put on by Hope Mountain School. It will be chilly in the morning and warm by the time we walk back. Dress with appropriate foot wear and clothing for an outdoor walk.

A permission form also went home. Please return ASAP. 


Mr. H

Week Review

LA – Starting a novel next week. Ask your child the plural of leaf, roof, mosquito, mouse and tuna.

MATH – Subtracting with borrowing up to the ten thousands. Word problems that require the student to determine whether they need to add or subtract. Always show your work and add a statement to answer the question.

E.g.  #1  Connor had 48 jelly beans and Nyah had 172 jelly beans. How many more jelly beans does Nyah have?

#2 It rained 38mm on Friday and 57mm on Saturday. How much rain fell in total?

SCIENCEChapter 4 test on Thursday!  We began making flashcards for the vocabulary. If they didn’t finish in class they need to finish over the weekend. It will be a good assignment to help them prepare for the test.

SOCIALS – Just beginning chapter two.

FRENCHTest on the school vocabulary on Wednesday! Use their school booklets or see last entry for a website to help them practice at home.

ART – Dream job is overdue and Candy art is the new project.

FYI – On Wednesday we have a watershed workshop put on by Hope Mountain School. We walk to the Fraser River rain or shine! Please dress for the weather! It was quite chilly last year!!

Halloween 4 Hunger is up and going if you are able to donate non-perishable food items.

As well, the clothing drive is still going on for two more weeks. 

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H


Room 110 Partner Pics

Check out these “good-looking” students in Room 110.

Room 110 partners

FYI- Also, tomorrow there will be TV cameras in the gym for an afternoon performance by Todd Richard on behalf of the Variety Show of Hearts Telethon. Look sharp, Room 110!


Mr. H


Two tests next week!!!

There is a French quiz on Wednesday Oct. 17th and a science test on Thursday 18th. We are making flashcards for science tomorrow.

There is a website to help study the French vocabulary called StudyStack. Type StudyStack into google and click on http://www.studystack.com

After you click, there is a search bar. Enter: Dhoshowski

This brings up the flashcards I have made so far. Click on the Classroom and School to access the flashcards.

Hope it works! Cheers,

Mr. H

Parent/Teacher interviews

Hi parents,


Interviews are tomorrow between 4-6:30 and on Thursday from 6-8:30. Contact the office to book a time. I am available most days after school if those days don’t work for you.

Please spread the word to other parents.



Mr. H

Weekly Update

LA – We’ll be starting a novel unit next week.

MATH – Practice adding with regrouping (carrying) with your child.

SOCIALSChapter one test was returned and we went over the test. Students should have their marks in the planners. Students who want to improve can aways come to me at lunch or after school before a test to help them prepare.

SCIENCE – Chapter 4 test will be soon. Start to review notes on the digestive and respiratory systems. Vocab includes: cells, tissues, organs, body systems, digestion, nutrients and the digestive process (p. 89), oxygen, carbon dioxide, inhale, exhale, respiratory system (p. 93) which includes nose, mouth, trachea, lungs and diaphragm.

FRENCH – The new unit is all about school (ècole) and the vocabulary that goes with it. E.g. fenetre = ________, bureau = __________, brosse = __________, ciseaux = ___________, sac = ____________, gymnase = _____________, ordinateur = ____________, ecole = _____________.

ART – Completing our Dream Job project. New project next week.

PE – A focus on playing fair with sportsmanship and safe play.

A few housekeeping notes:

Pictures went home today. Some swim forms still need to be returned.

Every day after lunch we have a 15 minute time period that we FLEX time. It is a time that students can complete seat work, homework or overdue assignments, study for tests or quizzes, work on art projects, complete an SRA, take an AR test, or read or draw. The onus is on them to choose wisely with their FLEX time each day. (Just as the onus is on them to use their planners each day!) Grade 5 brings more work and harder assignments and a big goal this year is for them to become more responsible and independent with their work habits. FLEX time allows them a chance to stay a little more caught up and prepared…if they use their time wisely. It is a goal we will work on throughout the year.

Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend and enjoy the extra day off. See you Tuesday!

Mr. H