Monday, January 28

Just a heads up…

We have a chapter 3 social studies test on Friday this week and a chapter 8 science test next week. 

There will also be a few quizzes this week in math on long division and multiplication leading up to a test on these topics next week.

Friday this week is Story Book Character day. Dress up as your favourite story book character!


Mr. H



January 20

LA – We have been working on different kinds of poetry. Haiku, limericks, acrostic poems and more recently we began writing rhyming poems. Ask your child for a sample of their work so far!

MATH – Long dividing. Check out the example.last_thumb1330830777

SCIENCE – Chapter 8 is all about natural resources. Ask your child to review their vocabulary so far.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Chapter 3 in the text.

FRENCH – Quizzes were returned Thursday. Ask your child how they scored. New unit next week.

PE – Badminton.

Last week in science the class had to work on extracting oil from water using a variety of materials. Click on the pdf link below to check out the pics!

oil spill clean up


Mr. H


Week of Jan. 14 – 17

LA – In poetry we have written haiku, limericks and recently added acrostic poems.

MATH – Beginning a unit on long division. We have been learning about the “fact family” and we are trying to get the students to understand the importance of learning their timetables. Any division question can be checked with multiplication. For example, 40 ÷ 8 = ? can be solved by knowing that 5 x 8 = 40. When we begin long dividing it will be so much easier if the students know their timetables. There really aren’t any tricks, it is just takes time and memorization.

SCIENCE – We began chapter 8 in the text, all about natural resources.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We began chapter 3 in the text, all about immigration to Canada.

FRENCH – TEST on the Winter Unit is Wednesday!

January student of the month theme is determination. Ask your child to tell you about the “Yes, I Can,” video we watched. Talk about determination!!!

MONDAY afternoon we go skating! If students have their own skates and helmets, please bring them. If not, there will be skates and helmets for the kids to borrow. Also, we walk to the arena so dress for the weather! We are able to catch the bus back.

Have a great rest of your weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

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