Friday, February 22

LA – Still working on meeting expectations for 5-sentence paragraphs. Ask your child how to write one! Ask them how they could exceed the expectations for a 5-sentence paragraph.

MATH – We began the unit on money. Give your child a handful of change and ask them to count it up! What 6 coins make $2.05?

SOCIALS – Chapter 5 test on government is on Thursday next week!

SCIENCE – We’ll begin a new unit after next week.

FRENCH – Basic greetings and information such as bonjour, merci and j’ai dix ans.

PE –Doubles badminton.

ART –Grid name is now overdue. The new project is locker art.

Swimming lesson start next week! Every Tuesday and Thursday for the next three weeks. Please send swim suits and towels with a bag for their wet return. 

Congratulations to Violet for her excellent performance in Coquihalla Idol and to Nyah for her fantastic 2nd place finish!

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H


Friday, February 8

LA – Started keyboarding on the laptops. If you have a computer at home and have access to the internet, type in the url below

and the kids can log on to their school account and practice at home. They should all know their account user name and password.

MATH – We had a test on long division and multiplication today. The students will know their scores next week.

SOCIALS – Just began chapter 5 on government. At the end of the chapter will be the student elections for class Prime Minister!

SCIENCE – Chapter 8 test will be returned next week.

FRENCH – A few more students need to present their conversational squash booklets

PE – Badminton round robin singles tournament. Doubles tourney next!

ART – Symmetry Pie project is on display in the hall. Some very cool designs! Grid names is the current project.

Next week is Random Acts of Kindness! We’ll have time to trade Valentines sometime Thursday. A class list will be available next week.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

Friday, Feb. 1

LA – Working on rhyming poems. Ask your child to bring home their favourite and read it to you. It will go into a class book of poetry. Some really good work!

MATH – We’ve had lots of review and practice sheets on long division and a quiz today. Next week is a review of multiplication and then there will be a TEST on long division and multiplication next week. See link below for instructions on 2-digit multiplication.

2-digit multiplying instructions –

And here is an example of long dividinglast_thumb1330830777

The students also know how to use multiplication to check their long division! Ask them to show you how!

SOCIALS – Chapter 3 test was today and will be returned next week.

SCIENCE – Chapter 8 test is on Thursday next week. Review the vocabulary!

FRENCH – Presenting squash booklets about ourselves to the class next week.

PE – Badminton. As with anything, practice equals improvement.

ART – New project next week.

Congratulations to Tommy, our student of the month for January. Also to Nyah, who I forgot to mention for December.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

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