Last day of grade 5 – 2019

Well, here we are. Ten months have flown by incredibly quickly. There have been successes and challenges this year and I hope the students feel they have had more of the success. We have talked about challenges and how to deal with them. Everybody feels challenged at times but ignoring the difficulty or giving up on it is not an effective strategy to achieve success. There is a quote in the classroom, “Nothing will work unless you do.” I hope they can take that motto into grade six and continue to grow and succeed.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated their unique personalities, interesting contributions, insightful questions and genuine sense of fun. I could add adjectives such as surprising, bizarre, off the wall, over the top… but you know your kids as well as I do. 😉

In closing, I hope everyone has a safe, healthy and fun holiday. Fill your tanks with relaxation and sunshine. But, just to ruin an easy going message with school talk; please keep reading each day! And please practice your timetables! See the link below.

On this site are the timetables from 2 to 12. Try to do solve each timetable in under a minute, then hit shuffle and try it again. PLEASE, please practice your timetables! There is nothing better to help you improve in math. It will help you out so much next year.

Enjoy your summer! See you in grade six!


Mr. H

Week of June 24 – 27

Monday – Starting to clean up and take home our things. Extra supplies, marked projects, most binders and notebooks etc.

Tuesday – Waterslides day. So far, the weather doesn’t look that great. Dress for the weather! If that includes a rain jacket and sweat pants, so be it!

Wednesday – All other school supplies can go home.

Thursday – Report cards and early dismissal.


Mr. H

The week of June 17 – 21

Monday– We have a French quiz on the body.

Tuesday – We have a math quiz on fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions.


34/100 is what decimal?

0.07 is what fraction?

Subtract 4.29 – 3.7

Multiply 4 x 3.75

40/100 = ?/10

Explain which is greater; 0.78 or .9

Wednesday is our field trip to the Tashme Museum in Sunshine Valley.

Thursday is a fun swim in the morning!

Friday we work all day!


Mr. H