Friday, June 23

A reminder that Monday is our Waterslides Trip!  

Remember to bring swim suit, towel, sunscreen, hat, water, lunch, snacks etc.

On Tuesday, we are watching the movie, Holes, as we just finished reading the novel. The students can bring pillows, blankets or stuffies and we will recline on some mats from the gym.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. H


June 11

We are doing science experiments for this unit on simple machines.  For example, one of the experiments is making a catapult out of soup cans.  If students can bring two – 284 ml soup cans, they can take their catapults home.  Any other can that is the same size will work.  Bigger cans (398 ml) may not work as well.  Check for outdated product as the students will be bringing them home but you might not get your soup back right away!  Ptoing!


FUN DAY 2017

Check out the pics from our Fun Day this past Friday.

Coquihalla Fun Day 2017


Mr. H

Friday, May 26

Congratulations to Emma, who was elected as our class Prime Minister!


Science tests will be returned next week.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. H

Wednesday, May 24

Science test on chapter 10 is tomorrow.  We went over all the terms yesterday and they had a page to complete for review/homework.

There will be a French re-quiz on Friday for ANY student who wants to try and improve their score.  Use your notes and correct your quiz from today to better prepare for the re-quiz.

Also, with the warm weather we will be spending more time outdoors, especially for PE activities.  If possible, send a hat for your child to wear while outside for protection from the sun.


Mr. H

Monday, May 22

here are the pics from PlayLand!  Enjoy!

PlayLand 2017


Mr. H

Wednesday, May 17

Thank you so much to the parent volunteers who chaperoned our class field trip to PlayLand yesterday!  It was a fantastic day!  Plus we didn’t lose any kids!  Check this site for pics coming soon.


Mr. H

Monday, May 15

A reminder to all parents and guardians that we leave tomorrow morning at 8 am sharp!  Please have your child here between 7:30 and 7:45 so we can do attendance and leave on time.  Thanks!

We are back by 4 pm.

Saturday, May 13

A huge congratulations to all the students who were involved in the production of Rumpelstiltskin by Missoula theatre, especially to the six students from our class.  Well done!  You did an excellent job!

A reminder that we go to PLAYLAND on Tuesday!  The bus leaves the school at 8 am sharp! Back by 4pm.  Dress for the weather!  Pack a lunch!  Wear a hat!

Check out these pics from the goofy stuff we were up to last week.

Silent LLama Ninja School


Mr. H

Friday, April 28

LA –  Please ask your child what a “full-sentence answer,” would be for the question, who is the main character in the novel, Holes?

Also ask them to add quotations and correctly punctuate the following sentence:

                       class said mr h did you finish your homework

MATH – Number patterns.  Complete these sequences by finding the pattern (gap) between the terms (numbers).  Then write the rule.

    1, 4, 7, __,  __,  __        Rule: Start at…

    34, 29, 24, __, __, __

SCIENCE – Continuing chapter 10.  Start to review vocabulary.

SOCIALS – Almost finished chapter 5.  Start to review vocabulary.

FRENCH – Body parts quiz will be coming up next week.

Check out these pics from our trip to the Nestle Waters plant last Thursday.

Nestle Waters 2017


Mr. H