Friday, October 22

LA – Beginning our novel, From Anna. Ask your child when and where the novel takes place.

MATH – Beginning multiplication and rounding. Have your child solve: 45 x 6 and round 34 to the nearest tens, 568 to the nearest hundreds and 553 to the nearest tens.

SCIENCE – Beginning chapter 5 which is all about the circulatory system. Ask your child what makes up the circulatory system, what it does and what other two systems it works with by using examples.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We have a continent and ocean quiz this coming week on Thursday or Friday. Use the Seterra Geography website to help practice at home.

FRENCH – Test on Wednesday on the school vocabulary. E.g. pencil in French (crayon) eraser in French (gomme).

ART – Candy art. All other art projects are now considered overdue and need to be completed on their own time.

This week we are having a “Pumpkin Run” on October 28th. Dress appropriately. Fastest runners from each grade will win a pumpkin. There will also be random draws in each class.

Last week we walked to the Fraser River for our Watershed presentation by Natalie from Hope Mountain School. Check out these pics from the trip!

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

Friday, October 8

LA – Ask your child what a proper noun is and to give an example.

MATH – Subtraction – Have your child solve 4000 – 1746. Subtracting across zeroes is hard for many students.

SCIENCE – Test Wednesday on chapter 4 all about the digestive and respiratory systems. They should have their notes to study from. Tuesday will be a review.

SOCIAL STUDIES – The seven continents and five oceans. Check out this site for quizzes on almost any world/geographic region.

FRENCH – School booklet. Ask them what a crayon, stylo, gomme and fenetre are in English.

ART – Check out these grid name projects! A few students need to finish their project as homework.

PE – An emphasis on effort, sportsmanship, fair play and leadership. An “A” level student tries their best, plays fair and helps others to participate.

Parent Teacher interviews are in two weeks from Monday Oct. 18 – Friday Oct. 22. Because of Covid, they will be on zoom or by phone. I am available from 3- 5 pm each day and could be later if necessary. I forgot to hand out the forms for kids to take home so if you have a time that works, feel free to email me and get ahead of the queue.Have a great Thanksgiving and long weekend.

See you Tuesday!


Mr. H

Friday, September 24

LA – Capitals and other punctuation. Ask your child to edit this sentence:

on sunday i went to the fraser river with my friends jake and amy

MATH – Addition with regrouping (carrying.)

237 + 345

465 + 489

692 + 476

SCIENCE – Chapter 4 on the digestive system. Your child should be able to explain the digestive process (where it begins, what happens next and where it all ends.)

SOCIAL STUDIES – Chapter 1 test on Wednesday. Terms the students have in their notes include: ancestors, diversity, relief map, 5 regions of Canada, national anthem, native land, culture, cultural origin, heritage, census, survey, Group of Seven and Emily Carr.

FRENCH – Quiz Wednesday on colours and numbers to 12.

ART – Grid name projects are to be completed for homework. We start a new project next week.

PE – Indoor games with an emphasis on full participation, sportsmanship and fair play. Developing leadership skills such as inclusion and encouraging others is also an important part of grade 5 physical education.

Remember that Tuesday is picture day and Wednesday is orange shirt day. Thursday is Truth and Reconciliation Day and there is no school that day.

On Friday we have our Terry Fox Run and Pie-a-Teacher! Every dollar donated towards cancer research will also earn you a chance to pie the teacher of your choice! (My vote is for Mr. Lane or Mr. Becker.)

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

Tuesday, September 21


Today the students all received the website, username and password to enable them to find the Accelerated Reader quiz site. Hopefully they will take some quizzes at home as well as at school. The info is on a slip of paper which they took home and they also wrote it into their planner as well.

They can also access the website for the typing program we are using. Their info is also in their planners, but just in case…

Username is their first name. The password is the first four letters of their last name or the first three letters if their last name is only three letters.


Mr. H

Friday, September 17

The second full week is done! Here is a recap of some of the things we have been learning.

MATH – Place value. Ask your child to answer these questions:

50 000 + 4 000 + 300 + 90 + 3 =

800 000 + 5 000 + 70 =

400 000 + 5 + 2 000 + 60 000 + 100 =

In the number, 459 823, which digit is in the hundreds place value? The ten thousands place value? What is the value of each digit?

Which is greater? 397 482 or 397 842?

Use base tens to sketch 4 532.

LA – Sentences begin with a _____ and often end with a _______

What kind of words are nouns?

FRENCH – Numbers up to 12 and colours.

Point to a colour and ask “Quelle couleur?” (What colour?)

Roll a dice and ask them to name the number in French.

SCIENCE – The digestive system. Ask your child about the smallest parts of the human body. Have them explain the digestive process. It should include the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Hopefully they can tell you a bit about each and maybe a few other body parts. We watched a great video on digestion today!

SOCIAL STUDIES – Terms in chapter one so far include: ancestors, diversity and relief map.

PE – A focus on fair play, sportsmanship and leadership. Leaders make everyone around them feel encouraged and included.

ART – Grid name project. I will include pics when they are complete.

This is a very nice group of kids! We have had a good start and they have shown me they can be kind and helpful.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. H

Friday, September 10


My name is Mr. Hoshowski or Mr. H.

Welcome to a new year of grade five! I will make weekly posts on this site to keep the families at home updated on what is going on here in the classroom.

The kids all received their agendas today. We entered a few upcoming dates and they have a little bit of work to do at home. I am including some pics from the class for you.


Our current seating plan. This changes every two weeks.
This should be in their agendas.
Our schedule this year.
Where the students keep their extra supplies.
September Student of the month theme.

Their art will be posted in the hall outside and on these pages in the classroom.


Mr. H

We are done!

Wow! What a year! It was the longest year ever, one of the most challenging and had the fewest opportunities for fun. Covid sucked. What else can you say? Thankfully, we all stayed safe and healthy. The kids were great! They rolled with all of the new expectations around safety protocols without complaint. It took a little longer to find our groove as a class, but, as always the kids were the best part of my day. How many other jobs do you get to spend time with Lego robotics champions, hockey pool winners, spider whisperers, cardboard engineers, budding actors and directors, origami experts, honor roll students, amazing maze creators, goofy gigglers, and Llama impersonators?

I feel very fortunate to have gone through the last year with this unique group of young people.

Have a great summer! Read, read, read!


Mr. H


A few more pics to end.

Friday, June 11

MATH – Perimeter and area. The students need more practice.

To find the perimeter; add the length and width, then times by two.

To find the area; multiply length times width and make sure your units are squared.

All kids should have brought home a Pop Quiz from today to correct for Monday.

E.G. a rectangle with side 10 cm long and 5 cm wide.

Perimeter (p=)= 30 cm

Area = (a=) 50 cm2

A playground field that is 60 m long and 30 m wide.

p= 180m

a= 1800m2

We are making catapults next week. If the students want to take them home, they need two cans of pop (or any two cans in a similar size) and a metal fork. If they don’t have the supplies, I will lend them some but they won’t be able to take it home.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. H

Friday, May 21

It’s tough to think of schoolwork on such a beautiful day off, but…

LA – We finished our novel and now the students are working on board games based on the book. Here is the criteria for the games that we went over in class. Each student has their own copy.

MATH – Money unit. Students are learning dollar and cent notation, counting money, making change and adding and subtracting dollar amounts with decimals. Our test will be late next week.

SCIENCE – The rock cycle. Ask your child to name the three types of rock and how they were formed.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Advertising and Propaganda unit. Writing and filming commercials.

FRENCH – Test Wednesday on prepositions, or, anywhere a monkey (le singe) could go. For example, on, beside, in, between, under, above, behind etc.

ART – Cartoon art. Some really good work so far! I will send pics later.

Enjoy these pics of birdhouse building!

I hope everyone has a terrific long weekend!



Friday, May 7

LA – Working in the novel, Holes. Ask your child: What is the secret ingredient in the warden’s nail polish. Why did Zero run away? Why was Stanley being picked on?

MATH – Quiz next week on fractions. Ask your child to convert from fraction to decimal or decimal to fraction.

0.4 =

29/100 =

4.06 =

1/5 =

SCIENCE – The students should all have their chapter 10 test scores. We are now doing a mini-unit on rocks and minerals. Ask your child to:

-name the 3 types of rocks. (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic)

-describe why some rocks have pits in them (bubbles)

-all rock was once…(melted/molten)

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are working on a propaganda/advertising unit. The kids are all writing their own commercials using an advertising technique.

FRENCH – The human body. Test on Wednesday! Use the class link at Study Stack to find the French flashcards.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. H

October 2021

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