Friday, September 25

Our first full week complete! Here is a breakdown of what is happening in class.

LA – Ask your child the difference between a common noun and a proper noun. Ask them how to properly set up a page in class. (Date on the left, heading/title in the middle and underlined, name on the right.)

MATH – Adding with carrying (regrouping) Ask your child to show you they can add 2367 + 1724.

SCIENCE – Chapter 4 in the text on the digestive system. Students have definitions and are responsible for: cells, tissues, organs, systems, the digestive process (mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, colon, rectum) and nutrients.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Chapter 1 in the text. Vocabulary so far: diversity, ancestors, relief map, national anthem, native land, culture, cultural origin, heritage and census.

FRENCH – Next week we have a quiz on numbers up to 12 and colours. They have the notes.

PE – Looking for full participation, effort, fair play and leadership in all activities.

A few students have overdue books from last year. I will remind them on Monday.

A note on allergies: We also have a coconut allergy in class. Please be aware of the sending any food which could “shed” coconut.

Today we talked about leadership, leaders and what kinds of traits leaders possess. Things like perseverance, commitment, overcoming adversity, having a positive attitude and striving for excellence. All of the students have some of these qualities in varying degrees and are trying to improve in other areas. In their agendas the students wrote down a goal connected to one or more of those traits. They were to take it home and ask for your feedback or help with achieving their goal. If you could please sign their agenda to show me you saw it that would be great. They should also be able to tell you their score on today’s spelling test and math quiz.

Some of the immediate goals for the class are to use inside voices in the classroom, quietly transition between each subject and to listen carefully to instructions. Please ask your child how they think they are doing in these areas. Feel free to email me any time for more information.

Remember to plank each day for 30 seconds! Have a great weekend!


Mr. H

Wednesday, September 24


Your child should be bringing home an allergy notice concerning peanuts/nuts.

Not mentioned in that notice is a separate allergy in class to pineapple, melon and cucumber. Please do not send these foods to class.

Thank you.

D. Hoshowski

The week ending Sept. 18

Hello parents!

Hopefully the email link brought you here and you are able to check out our class homework board. I will make posts once or twice a week to keep you updated on what we are working on and what is coming up. Also, I will sometimes posts pics, like today, of the kids in class.

The students all have agendas that they are using. If you could check each week they should have most of the same info.

I am sure we will have a great year in grade 5 this year.

Please email me if you have any questions.


Mr. H

Tuesday, September 15

Just a reminder that on Friday we have a continent & oceans quiz and a unit one spelling quiz.

Please use this site to practice your math timetables.

Search using Hoshowski to access.


Thursday, September 10

Hello and welcome to a new year of grade 5!

I am happy to be teaching your kids! They all seem to be super!

If you check this homework board a couple times a week you will see the work we have been doing in class, assignments, homework, dates for tests and quizzes and upcoming field trips. This site should allow you to sign up to receive an alert to your email account whenever I add a new post.

A form went home today for the students to have signed and returned tomorrow. If they do, they will earn a small treat. Their agendas also went home and should go home each day. The agendas are a way for the students to stay organized and on top of their work and for you to gain some insight into their day at school.

I am looking forward to the rest of the year with this great group of kids!


Mr. H

Last Day!

It has been a treat and a privilege to teach all the super, young people in room 110 this year. I sure did miss the energy of the class and I am thankful that I was able to be with a few of you in the last month. Thank you to so many of you who posted work or sent in assignments. It wasn’t an easy way for school to take place and I appreciated the contact with many of you.

I know it is now summer holidays and the last thing you might want to hear is more school stuff but, all students should read each day, and please, please, please practice your timetables. At this age, nothing will help you more in math than memorizing your timetables. I will leave it at that.

Please check out the year-end slideshow on Microsoft Teams. It is too big to email and my homework board won’t let me link the video. Have a great summer! I will miss you. And good luck in grade six.


Mr. H

Wednesday, June 24

Good morning!

1. What are you doing for morning fitness today?

2. READING – Find some reading material for at least 15 minutes.

3. WRITING – A 5-sentence paragraph on something you haven’t been able to do lately with someone you haven’t been able to see lately. 

Proofread and edit this paragraph. Then draw a picture to go with your paragraph.

4. MATH – Carry on in the Jump Math2 book. In fact, when you are bored this summer, crack the book open and do a page or two! 

Here are the answers for page 63.

5. It’s Typing Club Wednesday! That sounds much better than Typing Club Monday but not as good as Typing Club Tuesday. Oh well.

Practice your keyboarding skills.

Check out the Year-end slideshow at Mr. Hoshowski’s Class in the Microsoft Teams! (Office 365.) Unfortunately, this site won’t allow video.

6. Smile!

Tuesday, June 23

Good morning!

1. What are you doing for morning fitness today?

2. READING & WRITING – You do both today. Read and edit this paragraph. 

3. MATH – Carry on in the Jump Math2 book. In fact, when you are bored this summer, crack the book open a do a page or two! 

I’ll put a few more answers tomorrow.

4. It’s Typing Club Tuesday! That sounds much better than Typing Club Monday. Practice your keyboarding skills.

5. Smile!

Monday, June 22

Good morning!

1. What are you doing for morning fitness today?

2. READING – Finish the novel. If you are done, find something else to read. Preferably a book, but try a graphic novel, a news story online if you have run out of options (not possible, in my estimation.)

3. WRITING – Journal time. Tell me about your weekend. 1/2 page minimum (margin to margin) on paper or a good size paragraph online.

Still waiting to read some of those haiku you wrote for Father’s Day! Send ’em in, please!

4. MATH – Carry on in the Jump Math2 book. In fact, when you are bored this summer, crack the book open a do a page or two! 

Here are the answers for page 62.

5. It’s Typing Club Monday! Practice your keyboarding skills.

6. Smile!

Friday, June 19

Good morning!

1. What are you doing for morning fitness today?

2. READING – Finish the novel. If you are done, find something else to read. Check previous posts for other good book suggestions on the Epic app. But here are a few more. “The Long Lost Secret Diary of the World’s Worst Astronaut,” by Tim Collins, is a funny story about a teenager on Mars. If you liked the catapults, type “simple machines” into the Epic search bar you will get lots of books on the science behind the catapult. Or type in “catapult” and there are books that show you how to build more catapults.

3. WRITING – It’s Father’s Day on Sunday so time to write a haiku for your dad, step-dad or father figure. Here is one I wrote for my dad. After reading it you will be able to tell which one of us is the handyman. (Hint: it isn’t me!)

Patiently watching
his son operate a drill,
holding in his laugh.

Remember the haiku format. 3 lines, 5 syllables, 7 syllables 5 syllables and no rhymes. Have fun!

Please share your haiku with me. I would love to read them!

4. MATH – Finish up to page 58 and take the quiz at the link below.

Once you have taken the quiz, you can work up to page 62, or find a math game to play for Math Game Friday! I like sudoku. I know it’s not really a math game, but you need logic to solve it and math is logical, so… this is my favourite site for sudoku.

I’ll post the answers for page 62 on Monday.

5. In case you missed it, here is the website for the pop can catapults.

Logan was the Distance Champ and there was a 5-way tie for Accuracy Champ between Conny, Parker, Logan, Wyatt and Mrs. Ellan.

6. Good timing for this comic! Smile!

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