Wednesday, November 30


Enjoy the day! Hopefully see everyone tomorrow!


Mr. H


Friday, November 18

LA – We have been working on full sentence answers and summarizing sentences.

MATH – Have your child estimate, then solve: 174 + 338, 983 – 377, 3 x 736, 7 x 905.

Estimate 46 x 77, 442 x 739 and then use a calculator to check how close your estimate was. Why was your estimate higher or lower?

SCIENCE – Our chapter 5 test is on Wednesday next week.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Our chapter 2 test was today. Not many students completed the review crossword. Hmm.

FRENCH – School booklet and school squash booklet due Tuesday for our test.

ART – Grid name is the new project. A few students are behind on previous projects.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

Wednesday, November 9

LA – We read chapters 9 and 10 in the novel. They are writing summary sentences for each chapter. Ask your child to explain what has happened so far in the novel. Have them give you an example of a detail (that does not need to be in the summary sentence) and something more important (that should be in the summary sentence).

MATH – Addition and subtraction with rounding. For example: a bike costs $363 dollars and a scooter cost $118. Estimate how much both items would cost, and then add to find the actual total. Can they also find the difference?

SOCIAL STUDIES – We have our chapter 2 test on Friday.

SCIENCE – The chapter 5 test will be the following week.

FRENCH – School booklet. Ask your child what livre, cahier, stylo, crayon, tableau, porte, fenêtre and école mean in English.

ART – Check a previous post for more Candy Art pics.

Have a great long weekend! Maybe we’ll see you at the cenotaph on Friday! Cheers!

Mr. Hoshowski

Friday, November 4

LA – Ask your child what is happening in our novel, The Whipping Boy. Ask them about pronouns. Can they give you an example?

MATH – Addition and subtraction. Have your child solve:

3867 + 19, 457

87, 431 – 5, 899

SCIENCE – Chapter 5 on the circulatory system. Have your child name the parts of the circulatory system. How does blood get around the body?

SOCIAL STUDIES – Chapter 2 in the text. Who are the Métis?

FRENCH – A new booklet on school vocabulary.

ART – Candy art is now homework. A new project on Tuesday.

PE – Looking for participation, effort, sportsmanship, safe play and leadership. Sometimes kids want to win so bad they are not good sports. We are working to improve that.

Next week in a short one! Thursday is a Pro-d day and Friday is Remembrance Day.

Have a great weekend! Stay dry! Cheers!

Mr. H

Monday, October 31

Have a safe Halloween, everyone! See you tomorrow!

Please, please do not bring more than a couple treats tomorrow. No good will come of that.

For a laugh, watch these class Halloween Jib Jabs. Click on a link below or try pasting the link in a new window. You can see who stars in each one.

  1. Jessica, Taylor, Lucy, Jesse and Whitney

2. Lily, Ava, Paige, Phoenix and Aaliyah

3. Ben, Zach, Quinn, Juliana and Dexter

4. Christina, JJ, Beckett, Silas and Tiiasha

5. Kalen, Kesler, Arielle, Jaxson and Sabrin

6. Phoenix, Kimora and Aaliyah

7. Jesse, Lily, Kimora, JJ and Juliana

8. Taylor, Zach, Paige, Tiiasha and Quinn

9. Arielle, Kesler, Ben, Sabrina and Beckett

10. Kalen, Whitney, Jaxson, Dexter and Christina

11. Ava, Jessica, Silas, Lucy and me.

Check out these pics from our recent trip to the Fraser River for a watershed workshop.


Mr. H

P.S. Special thanks to Kelser’s mom for the doughnuts and to Ava for the goodie bags!

Friday, October 27

LA – Ask your child about the novel. Who are the main characters? Where are they? Why are they there?

MATH – Some students still struggling on when to borrow. For example, if the question was 365 – 219, their first step would be 5 – 9 = 4. Ask yourself; can you take 9 away from 5?

SCIENCE – We had our chapter 4 test today. They should have them back next week.

SOCIAL STUDIES – We are into chapter 2. Ask your child if they can name the three founding peoples of Canada. How did they get here? About when was that?

FRENCH – The Halloween quiz was today. New unit next week.

ART – Some really cool candy art. Check out the pics so far!

Is your child planking every day??? Have them show you how to do it.

Monday is a dress up day for Halloween. No masks, blood or gore please. We will probably watch a movie in the afternoon.

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

Thursday, October 27

Science test tomorrow!

French quiz tomorrow!

And I forgot to post this last week, but we also have a spelling test tomorrow! Mwahaha!

Here are some of the students looking keen to learn new things!


Mr. H

Tuesday, October 25


Tomorrow morning we walk to the Fraser River. PLEASE dress for the weather. I am wearing a winter jacket, mitts, a toque and I am bringing an umbrella. If you get too warm you can always take something off but if you are too cold, you can’t put on what you didn’t bring!


Friday we have a French quiz on Halloween terms. They have the booklet to study from.

We also have a science test on chapter four. The kids have science flashcards with definitions on one side. They need to add the correct term on the other side. Then they can use them to study and hand them in on Friday before the test.


Mr. H

Monday, October 24

Just a reminder to make sure your kids dress for the weather. Now that the smoke is gone, everyday at recess and lunch is an outside day. Stay warm and dry!

Also, on Wednesday we walk to the Fraser River to take part in a watershed workshop provided by Hope Mountain School. We will be outside – rain or shine – from approximately 9:10 until lunch. Warm clothing, rain jackets, winter coats, mitts, toques, boots, umbrellas etc. would all be a good idea…just in case.


Mr. H

Friday, October 21

Hello! I hope everyone is having a relaxing day at home.

LA – We started a novel, called The Whipping Boy. One of the goals is to read (or re-read!) the text for information and answer questions in full sentences. A full-sentence answer will include some information from the question. For example-

Question: Who is the author of the novel?

Best answer: The author of the novel is Sid Fleischman.


The novel author’s name is Sid Fleischman.

Good answer: The author was Sid Fleischman.


Sid Fleischman was the author.

But, these examples would not be full sentence answers.

His name is Sid Fleischman. (This is the correct answer, but, whose name is Sid Fleischman.?)

Sid Fleischman is his name. (Again, whose name?)

It was Sid Fleischman. (What was the question here?)

Of course, all sentences must begin with a capital letter and end with a period, and all character names must begin with a capital letter.

MATH – Addition with carrying and subtraction with borrowing. Give your child some questions to see if they understand how to properly carry and borrow. For example:

4,583 + 987

4036 – 2949

Also, they should be able to read a word problem and look for key words that tell them whether to add or subtract. For example:

Mr. H had 4,132 smarties. If he gave one to each of the 346 students in school, how many smarties would he have left?

Did your child get the right answer? Can they tell you which words tell them how to solve the problem?

The math quiz from yesterday will be returned on Monday.

SCIENCE – Our chapter 4 test will be on Friday, October 28. Monday we will make review flashcards to help the kids study.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Chapter two in the text book. Your child should be able to tell you who Canada’s three founding peoples are and what order they arrived in North America, and about how long ago they arrived.

FRENCH – Halloween vocabulary quiz is also on Friday. They have the booklets to study from.

ART – Unfinished locker art is now homework. New project on Monday.

PE – Indoor games with an emphasis on participation, effort, safe play and leadership.

Ask your child:

Are they participation fully in all activities, including morning fitness?

Do they try to the best of their abilities?

Do they follow the rules, behave safely and play fair?

Do they encourage/help other students to participate in a positive way?

Do they help other students feel included?

Do they help other students understand the rules?

I hope everyone enjoys the extra day off from school. See you all Monday! Cheers!

Mr. H

P.S. I have no idea how many students are in our school.

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