Last day of grade 5 – 2019

Well, here we are. Ten months have flown by incredibly quickly. There have been successes and challenges this year and I hope the students feel they have had more of the success. We have talked about challenges and how to deal with them. Everybody feels challenged at times but ignoring the difficulty or giving up on it is not an effective strategy to achieve success. There is a quote in the classroom, “Nothing will work unless you do.” I hope they can take that motto into grade six and continue to grow and succeed.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated their unique personalities, interesting contributions, insightful questions and genuine sense of fun. I could add adjectives such as surprising, bizarre, off the wall, over the top… but you know your kids as well as I do. 😉

In closing, I hope everyone has a safe, healthy and fun holiday. Fill your tanks with relaxation and sunshine. But, just to ruin an easy going message with school talk; please keep reading each day! And please practice your timetables! See the link below.

On this site are the timetables from 2 to 12. Try to do solve each timetable in under a minute, then hit shuffle and try it again. PLEASE, please practice your timetables! There is nothing better to help you improve in math. It will help you out so much next year.

Enjoy your summer! See you in grade six!


Mr. H


Week of June 24 – 27

Monday – Starting to clean up and take home our things. Extra supplies, marked projects, most binders and notebooks etc.

Tuesday – Waterslides day. So far, the weather doesn’t look that great. Dress for the weather! If that includes a rain jacket and sweat pants, so be it!

Wednesday – All other school supplies can go home.

Thursday – Report cards and early dismissal.


Mr. H

The week of June 17 – 21

Monday– We have a French quiz on the body.

Tuesday – We have a math quiz on fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions.


34/100 is what decimal?

0.07 is what fraction?

Subtract 4.29 – 3.7

Multiply 4 x 3.75

40/100 = ?/10

Explain which is greater; 0.78 or .9

Wednesday is our field trip to the Tashme Museum in Sunshine Valley.

Thursday is a fun swim in the morning!

Friday we work all day!


Mr. H


Friday, May 31

LA – We will finish up the novel next week. Hopefully the students brought home their board games (based on the novel) to work on them. They need to include details from the novel arranged chronologically on the board. The more important details are, well, more important to include! For example, Stanley is at Camp Green lake, he was arrested for stealing a pair of shoes, he is innocent, they dig holes at a camp run by a warden, there are very dangerous reptiles called yellow spotted lizards in the area, Zero and Stanley both run away from camp and they live on onions and dirty water. If it wasn’t in the book, it probably shouldn’t be in the board game. They need dice, a spinner or cards to move their game pieces around the board. There needs to be rules to follow that explains how to play the game and how to win.

We are using class time but I don’t think that will be enough time for most people to do complete a quality game.

MATH – Fraction unit almost over. Test next week. Can your child complete these questions to create equivalent fractions?  2/5 = 8/?   10/12 = 5/?

Can they solve these? What is 3/4 of 24? What is 7/9 of 36?

Mr. H had 56 smarties. He gave 1/7 to Brooks, 2/7 to Sammy and  3/7 to Matthew and he kept the rest. How many smarties did everyone get?

Brooks =

Sammy =

Matthew =

Mr. H =

SOCIALS – Filming commercials for the unit on advertising.

SCIENCE – Simple machines. Next week we build catapults. The students need to bring two cans of pop or two similar size cans (soup, beans etc. but pop cans are just the right size) to use as their base. Then they can keep their catapult. I can provide cans but I re-use them and will need them back.

FRENCH – The Human Body. Check out this website called study stack, to practice the words. Just copy and paste in your browser.

Try to do it in under a minute, then try shuffle and try to get it down to 30 seconds. Also on this site are the timetables from 2 to 12. PLEASE, please practice your timetables! There is nothing better to help you improve in math.

ART – Cartoon art.

Congratulations to Addison for being chosen as Student of the Month for Athletics! Good luck at the Districts, Addison!

Thank you to our drama club members who put on a great show Wednesday night an Thursday afternoon! Well done Nyah, Connor, Quin and Addison!P1050417

Have good weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

Last week of May

LA – Holes novel game boards.

MATH – Fractions. Ask your child to explain how to solve 3/4 of 24, 2/5 of 30 and 3/7 of 28.

SCIENCE – Forces and Machines.

SOCIALS – Commercials and advertising.

FRENCH – Starting a new unit on the human body.

ART – New project this week.

Congratulations to Addison for qualifying for the District Track meet! Well done!

A few other reminders. We are holding a cupcake sale on Tuesday this week to fundraise for bussing to the Tashme Museum. If you could make cupcakes that would be great. If not, no problem. Thank you! We will charge $1 per cupcake.

We have a fun swim on Thursday this week from 9-10.

Lastly, check out these pics from our PlayLand trip last Wednesday. It was a great day and everyone had fun. Thank you to our chaperones for helping out.

PlayLand 2019


D Hoshowski

Tuesday, May 21

PLAYLAND Tomorrow!

Please dress for the weather! It is supposed to be sunny is be prepared with hat, sunscreen, long sleeve shirt to avoid the sun. You can always take off the extra shirt, hat etc, but if you don’t have it, you sure can’t put it on.

Food and drinks. I encourage students to pack their own lunch and snacks. Line-ups can be long and slow because there are so many other school kids there! Pack water in water bottles or plastic bottles. 

Students normally carry around their stuff in their backpacks. I discourage electronics. Please don’t take anything that might break, get lost or get stolen. There are storage lockers for the backpacks but I normally just carry them around all day. It is not a big deal.

Please be at school tomorrow by 7:45 am. The bus leaves at 8 am sharp! We will be back by 4 pm. Please be available to pick up your child.

Thanks! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, May 16

LA – Students are designing their own board games to go with the novel, Holes. Ask your child their ideas. I can provide a big sheet of cardstock for the board and we will use some class time, but much of the detail work will need to be done on their own time (or FLEX time, or catch-up time.)

MATH – Equivalent fractions.

E.g.  1/4  =  4/16

5/10 =  ½

Can your child complete equivalent fractions for:

10/12  =  ?/6

¾  =  9/?

Hint: When the numerator or denominator gets smaller you divide, when it gets bigger you multiply.

REMINDER: We go to PlayLand on Wednesday next week. Kids should be here by 7:45 as we leave at 8am sharp! Be on time! We are back by 4pm. No flip flops please! Shoes need to stay on when the kids are upside down on the crazy rides. I recommend a packed lunch and snacks and a non-glass water bottle. Food stands are available but I would rather spend my time in a ride line-up rather than a food line-up. Please dress for the weather! Wear hats, sunscreen, pants, rain jackets etc. I discourage electronics! They could be broken, stolen or lost! 

Have a great long weekend. See you Tuesday! Cheers!

Mr. H

Friday, May 10

In LA we are working on the novel. Ask your child to tell you what has happened so far. Ask them if they are up to date on their chapter assignments.

In Math we are working on more fractions in workbook #2. How many fourths are in 5 3/4? How about how many whole pies are in 25/8?

Next Wednesday is the Art Show from 5-7 pm. Every student will have at least one piece of art displayed. It is a pretty cool night if you could stop by for a few minutes. 

On Wednesday May 28 we are having a cupcake fundraiser sale to help cover the costs of the bus to Tashme Museum. If you can bake for that day it would be greatly appreciated.

Our PlayLand trip is coming up on Wednesday, May 22! A few permission forms still need to come in!!!

Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Mr. H

Friday, May 3

LA – Where is Stanley? Why is he there? What did he find?

MATH – Math test on fractions next week. Page 40 from the fraction booklet is due Monday because it has examples of many of the test questions.

SCIENCE – Robots.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Advertising commercials

FRENCH – The test on weather was Wednesday. New unit next week.

Check out these pics from our skipping afternoon last Tuesday!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a great weekend!

Cheers, Mr. H

Monday, April 29


A reminder that on Thursday this week we walk to the Rec. Centre for the annual Career Fair. We are there all day so students are not able to order hot lunch but they do provide us with lunch on site (last year was pizza).

Please dress for the weather and pack some water!


Mr. H