Tuesday, June 2

Good morning!

1. What are you doing for morning fitness today?

2. READING – Finish the novel. If you are done, find something else to read. Here are a couple more suggestions from the Epic app. “El Deafo,” is a story about the difficulty of making friends when you are different. “Stumptown Kid,” is about baseball, racism and friendship. Both are well-rated on GoodReads.

3. WRITING – Finish off the rules for your game board and send them to me. If you are done, write a 5-8 sentence paragraph on this subject: “If I was Chosen as First Kid to Go to the Moon .” Remember to proofread and edit. 

4. MATH – Page 56. A lot like page 55.

Here are the answers to page 55. I included the conversions for #4 just for fun!

5. Smile!


Good morning!

1. What are you doing for morning fitness today?

2. READING – Finish the novel. Here are a few more highly rated book choices on Epic. “Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster,” had high reviews on GoodReads, and another 5-book series (with at least 3 of them on Epic) that looks exciting is called Explorer Academy. Book #1 is called the “Nebula Secret.”

3. WRITING – Finish off the rules for your game board and send them to me. If you are done, write a 5-8 sentence paragraph on this subject: “My Most Embarrassing Moment .” Remember to proofread and edit. If that is too embarrassing to write about, choose “The Funniest  Thing to Happen to Me,” as your topic.

4. MATH – Page 55. When comparing decimals and fractions, it helps to make them all the same. If you have 2/10, 0.54 and 39/100, make them all the same to make it easier to compare. Since you have a fraction in the hundredths, make both fractions into hundredths, then convert the decimal to a fraction over 100.

For example: 2/10 = 20/100.

                        0.54 = 54/100

And you already have 39/100.  Now it is easier to compare them or put them in order from least to greatest.

You could also have made them all decimals. 2/10 = 0.2 but as hundredths 0.2 = 0.20 and 39/100 = 0.39. And you already have 0.54 so again, it is easier to compare these and put them in order.

5. Smile!

Friday, May 29

Good morning! Another sunny day! What are going to do today to get your physical exertion level up?

  1. READING – Holes. Choose another book if you are done.
  2. WRITING – Board game. If you are done, send me your rules. Make sure to proofread them first.
  3. MATH – Finish up to page 54. Then a choose a math game or app to play. Here are the answers for page 54. 

4. Typing club if you haven’t practiced two times this week.

5. Smile! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 28

Good morning! Another beautiful day!

  1. Find a physical fitness activity outside today.
  2. READING – Hole until you are finished. If you are done, try these books on the Epic app. “Greenglass House,” and “The Secret of Goldenrod,” are mystery stories. The “Sir Cumference” series has a bunch of books that are popular. If you like fantasy/mystery, try “The Sisters Grimm,” book series or for just mystery try the “Warren the 13th” series. It has good reviews on Goodreads.
  3. WRITING – Continue on your board game. If you are done, write a paragraph on your fitness activity today. remember to proofread and edit for punctuation, capital letters and periods.
  4. MATH – Page 54. This page is a lot like page 52, except it goes up to the thousandths place value.

Here are the answers for page 53.

5. Did you get on to Typing club twice this week? When was the last time you took an AR test?

6. Smile!

Wednesday, May 27

Good morning! What a beautiful sunny day!

  1. Have you gone onTyping Club this week? Now is the time! You will thank me in 5 years! You should be going on typing club twice a week.
  2. READING – Finish the novel. If you are done, read something else for at least 15 minutes a day.
  3. WRITING – Work on your board game. You want to include details. For example, your board design could have lizards, holes, shovels, a hammock between 2 trees, maybe a lake, tents, a fossil, orange jumpsuits, Sploosh, the warden and Stanley to name just a few! The more details you can use in your game, the better. Some of them will be just decoration but others will be part of the squares/spaces you land on. If you use a dice and move coloured tokens around a plain white game board you haven’t made many visual connections to the novel.
  4. MATH – Page 53. Decimals and place value. In all honesty, I didn’t like some of the questions on page 52, so don’t worry if you had trouble on that page.
    Try this. The fraction 25/10 as a decimal is 2.5 because it is really 25 ÷ 10 and when you divide a number by 10 it is the same thing as moving the decimal point one pace to the left. 25 written in decimal form is 25.0 and since we are dividing with 10 we move the decimal one spot to the left and we get 2.50 or just 2.5 as our answer
    When you have a fraction over 100, such as 618/100, this really means 618 ÷ 100. When you divide by 100 how many spots do you think you move to the left this time? If dividing by 10 equals move one spot to the left, dividing by 100 = move two spots to the left. So 618 written as a decimal is 618.0 and dividing with 100 means we now move the decimal point two spots to the left. 618.0 = 6.180 or just 6.18 as our answer.
    When you are going from a decimal to a fraction, you do the exact opposite. 3.2 = 32/10 because your decimal is in the tenths (10) place value so instead of moving the decimal to the left, you move it to the right. 3.2 = 32 and then use 32 as a numerator and tenths ( the place value of the decimal in 3.2) as the denominator. If you have 2.67 this decimal is in the hundredths so we move the decimal point two spots to the right. 2.67 = 267 and we put that number over the place value of hundredths (100) so we get 267/100 as our answer.
    Reading that over, I don’t know if that will help you or not. Good luck?!
    Here are the answers from page 52.

5. Can you name all 13 provinces and territories in Canada in under a minute? Once you can do that, try to name all the capital cities of Canada in under a minute. Use the Seterra website. Ready, set, go!

6. Smile! (Times have sure changed!)

Tuesday, May 26

Good morning!

  1. What kind of physical activity are you going to do today? It seems a lot of students like riding bikes. Hmm, keep that in mind for a short story idea.
  2. READING – Holes or another book if you are finished the novel.
  3. WRITING – Your board game. I know some people have said they are done, but now is the time to look at your game and see if you can add/change anything to improve it. Make sure you can win the game in a reasonable time that is not too quick and not too long. Make sure your game board is colourful. Make sure you have included lots of details from the novel. If you have only included shovels and lizards, well, now is the time to go back and add more detail.

    If you are sure you are done your game, write a short description of your latest bike ride, longest bike ride, worst, best, most wipeout filled bike ride. Be sure to include words that make your description come alive in the reader’s imagination. E.g. “I went down a hill.” How did you go down the hill? Went is boring. Did you zoom down the hill? Did you sail down the hill? Did you go screaming down the hill? Did you wobble down the hill? Make sure you proofread before sending it to me through email or by using your Student Journals section in you class notebook on Office.
  4. MATH – Page 52. Continue converting fractions to decimals. Remember that if you have 10/10 (ten out of ten), you have one whole thing. One whole is shown as 1.0 when written as a decimal. What if you had 11/10 (eleven out of ten)? Yes, that is an improper fraction, which means it is more than one whole thing. The mixed number would be 1 1/10 (One and one tenth). As a decimal, that would be 1.1 (One and one tenth.)
    It is the same with hundredths. If you have 100/100 you have one whole and the decimal would be 1.00 (two zeroes because we are talking about hundredths). If you have 135/100 you have more than one whole. Your mixed number would be 1 35/100 (One and 35 hundredths) which would be 1.35 as a decimal.

    Here are the answers for page 51.

5. I will be in meetings at the school after lunch today so I may not be available for help. Chat me up this morning if you have any questions.

6. Smile!

Monday, May 25

Good morning!

  1. It’s a wet day so try and do some kind of fitness activity inside. For example, do some of our classroom exercises such as planking for 30 seconds, jumping jacks, lunges, 1-2-3 step, skip hop, hop twist etc.
  2. READING – Keep reading the novel. If you are done, make sure you are reading another book at least 15 minutes a day.
  3. WRITING – Do a journal that is 1/2 page minimum. Make sure you proofread and edit before sending to me.
  4. MATH – Make sure you are finished up to page 50 before going on to 51.
    In a decimal number any digits on the left of the decimal point are whole numbers, and any digits on the right of the decimal point are less than whole numbers, they are part of another whole number. When you read a decimal, you say, “and” where the decimal point is.

In this case we have 5 whole things (whole numbers are on the left of the decimal) and 2 tenths of another thing, so you say five and two tenths. The fraction would be 5 2/10. Notice you say the fraction exactly the same way you say the decimal. There are 5 whole things and 2/10 (2 tenths) of another thing.

In this example you can see there are 43 whole things and 6 tenths of another thing. You would say forty-three and six tenths. The fraction would be 43 6/10.

In this example there are 7 whole things and twenty-nine hundredths of another thing. The fraction would be 7 29/100. Note that 29 hundredths or .29 is made up of .2 (two tenths which equals 20 hundredths) and .09 (nine hundredths).

Chat or email if you have questions!

5. Smile!

Friday, May 22

Good morning!

  1. READING – Holes or another book if you are done.
  2. WRITING – Board game.
  3. MATH – Finish up to page 50. Answers are below for you to mark.

Then find a math game to play. I like Factory Balls. https://www.coolmathgames.com/0-factory-balls-forever

4. You should be going on Typing Club a couple times per week. You may not type much now, but you will as you get older. Believe me when I say it will help you to become as proficient a typer as possible, and the sooner the better. Also, make sure you can name the provinces/territories of Canada and work on the capital cities. Use the Seterra website.

5. Smile!

Thursday, May 21

Good Morning!

  1. READING – Holes until you are done.
    If you are looking for something else, there are a few series on the Epic app that look pretty good. “A Boy Called Bat,”by Elana K. Arnold, is the first of three books. Unfortunately, Epic doesn’t have the next two books. “The Terrible Two,” by Mac Barnet, Jory John and Adam Verner, is the first of four books all on Epic. It looks like a very funny series. If you are a StarWars fan, try “The Strange Case of Origami Yoda,” by Tom Angelberger. This is the first book in the series and Epic has lots more. “11 Birthdays,” by Wendy Mass, is an audio book about friendship that looks good.
  2. WRITING – Finish and send the journal from yesterday. What do you miss/don’t miss about not being at school? Keep working on and improving your board game.
  3. MATH – Mark pages 47 and 48 before you continue.
    Then finish page 49 and go on to page 50.

4. Do 30 minutes of Typing Club today. Using the Seterra map quiz site, if you could complete the provinces/territories of Canada in under one minute, then try to do the capital cities of Canada in under a minute.

5. Smile!

Wednesday, May 20

Good morning!

  1. READING – The novel. Choose another book if you are done. Make sure you are doing at least 15 minutes each day.
  2. WRITING – Board game. Is it started? Is it finished? Can you improve it?
    Writing assignment for today:
    What I miss/don’t miss about not being at school.
    Email it to me or write it in your Student Journals section of Office 365 Notebook.
  3. MATH – There will be a fraction/decimal test after page 58. For today, finish the rest of page 48 and do page 49. Look carefully at the examples to help you.
  4. Are you going on TypingClub a couple times a week? Also, go on to the Settera map quiz site to the Canada map and make sure you can still name all the provinces and territories in under a minute.
  5. Smile!


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