Friday, January 15

LA – Poetry. Ask your child about the haiku, rhyming poems and limericks that they have been writing.

MATH – Fractions. Have your child solve:

3/7 + 2/7

1/2 + 3/10

2/3 – 1/5




SCIENCE – Working in chapter 8 about Earth’s natural resources. The chapter test will be the following week, probably Tuesday the 26th or Wednesday the 27th. Start to review the vocabulary so far: natural resources, environmental impact, ecosystem, environment, and what makes it hard to identify which resources new product are made from.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Beginning chapter 5 on government. It can be tricky. It would help your child if you talked about the concepts at home. For example, the three levels of government in Canada is hard for many students to grasp.

Recently we helped combat a massive oil spill in Hope! The students helped prevent any serious environmental impact with their quick work sopping up the oil using a variety of products. Check out the pics!

Have a great weekend!


Mr. H

Friday, December 18

Thank you to the parents and kids who brought in snacks for our last day. The doughnuts and cookies were delicious! And thanks to those students who took the initiative to organize the hot chocolate and marshallows. Thanks also for the generous gifts! I hope the kids enjoy the prizes they won today in our prize walk.

Congratulations to Tayler, for always demonstrating kindness, and being chosen as our December student of the month.

Have a wonderful, restful, holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you all next year in 2021!


D. Hoshowski

Monday, Dec. 14

Last week!!!

Our chapter 6 science test is on Wednesday. Review terms about the skeletal and muscular systems.

The students know their chapter 3 socials test scores. They will get back their math quiz tomorrow.


Mr. H

Wednesday, Dec. 9

A reminder that we have a socials chapter 3 test on Friday. We will finish the chapter tomorrow and then the students will have all the vocabulary and a review crossword to help them prepare.

On Friday we also have a math test on long division and multiplication. We will have a review page tomorrow to get them ready for the test on Friday.

There is a science chapter 6 test on Wednesday next week.


Mr. H

Friday, December 4

Hello parents!

I wanted to say that it has been a privilege to teach your children this year.

There are changes coming to Coquihalla school. These changes may affect your child’s current classroom or their current teacher. These changes may affect the level of support that many of your children are currently receiving.

That is as much as I can say at the moment. Feel free to email me any questions. I will do the best I can but I’m afraid I don’t have any other information for you.


D. Hoshowski

Friday, November 20

LA – Still working on full sentence answers in our novel. For example:

Q: Who is the big, hairy outlaw?

  • Billy. This is correct but not a full sentence answer.
  • His name is Billy. Also correct but still not a full sentence answer.
  • The hairy outlaw is called Billy. This is a complete sentence and would receive full marks, but could it be better?
  • The big, hairy outlaw is named Hold-Your-Nose Billy. This would show extra effort to include the full name of the outlaw and all of the question in the answer. These students would be showing “A” level skill and effort.

MATH – 2 digit multiplication. Ask you child to practice on a few for you. For example, have them rewrite and solve 45 x 63, 38 x 79 and 42 x 84.

SCIENCE – Most students have their test scores from the chapter 5 test. Several students had lower scores. There will be a re-test Monday or Tuesday next week. This will not happen every time. Please use this opportunity wisely and prepare for next time. Ask me for help studying.

SOCIALS – Beginning chapter 3 in the text about immigration to Canada. The student all had “homework” to ask why their ancestors settled in Canada and more specifically, why their family is living in Hope.

FRENCH – Days of the week, months of the year booklet. Ask your child to recite the “Days of the Week” song. (It’s easy to find online.)

ART – Line landscapes are almost complete. Any students not done will need to complete them on their own time. Look for pics soon! Current project is the pastel stained glass.

The first term is officially over. First term reports will come out early in December. Term one assignments will be sent home in December.

Have a safe, restful weekend!


Mr. H

Friday, November 13

LA – Ask your child who Betsie and Petunia are from the novel. What was Betsie using to attract Petunia?

MATH – 1 x 2 digit multiplication. E.g. 3 x 65

Next week we start 2 x 2 digit multiplication.

SCIENCE – New chapter next week. Scores for the chapter 5 test will be given next week.

SOCIALS – New chapter next week. Almost all of the kids have their chapter 2 scores.

FRENCH – Bonjour! Ask your child another way to say hello. Ask them what merci, means. How about de rien?

À la semaine prochaine!


Mr. H

Tuesday, Nov. 10

Our science test on chapter 5 is Friday. Here is the vocabulary the kids need to know: circulatory system, heart, blood, blood vessels (3 kinds), plasma, blood cells (3 kinds), pulse, membrane, excretory system, kidneys and bladder.

So far we have looked at the respiratory system, the digestive system the circulatory system and the excretory system. The test is on the circulatory and excretory system but they also need to be able to explain how all four systems work together. Terms like nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, lungs etc. should come up in their description. For more info, see 5.6 in the text, which we covered yesterday.

Good luck!

Mr. H

Week ending Nov. 6

LA – Ask your child to edit this sentence:

after school i played with my friends ethan and arielle and then i went too there house

MATH – Multiplication. Have your show you how to child solve:

37 x 5

84 x 6

BONUS! 497 x 8

SOCIALS – Our test was Friday. The kids should have their scores next week. A few lower scores than the first test. Ask your child how they did. I am available for studying tips or for help after school most days.

SCIENCEChapter 5 test is on Friday this week! It was originally going to be on Thursday but because there is no school on Wednesday because of Remembrance Day, we will need one more day to prepare.

FRENCH – Squash booklets on school vocabulary. Ask your child to translate: stylo, règle, gomme, élèves, livre, cahier.

ART – A few more art pics from the last few projects. Enjoy!

The class has talked about work habits recently. I encouraged all students to put aside a few minutes everyday to study, review and rewrite some of their work even if it is not due the next day. If they can get into the habit of working on school stuff outside of the classroom, it will help them to be more successful this year. Establishing this “working at home” routine will also help them in the coming years because each year gets a little harder and requires more effort. Asking for help is also part of being a responsible learner. I am available most days after school and sometimes at lunch if a student would like extra help.


Mr. H

For the students who are away right now, here is some super fun exciting work to keep you busy!

LA – Editing practice:

Think about the novel we have been working on. Try to write a summary paragraph on what has happened so far in the story. Include the setting (time and place), characters and the most important/exciting events of the story.

Are you reading every day???

MATH – You can print a hard copy if you have a printer. If not, copy the questions on your own piece of paper.

Here is a single digit x 2 digit multiplication. The season is a bit premature but…

These are instructions for 2 digit x 2 digit multiplication and some word problems.

2-digit multiplying instructions – 

FRENCH – Use this website to practice the greetings.

Here is the page we would use in class.

If there is a way for you to pick up your JumpMath book or your socials and science texts I can send sheets home as well. Let me know via email and I can have it ready for you after school.


Mr. H

Friday, October 30

LA – Continuing in the novel. Ask your child what plan Jemmy has come up with. Ask them how well the prince liked the plan.

MATH – Ask your child to multiply 30 x 80 in their heads. 40 x 50?

SOCIAL STUDIES – Continuing in chapter two. Ask your child which two founding peoples of Canada we have learned about so far. What is the final group? It’s a good time to start reviewing terms from the chapter. The test will be here before you know it! (The following week.)

SCIENCE – Continuing in chapter 5. Ask your child about the circulatory system. Have them explain how it is connected to oxygen, nutrients and wastes.

FRENCH – Quizzes were returned. Ask your child for their score.

ART – Some dynamite foil art projects! I’ll send pics soon.

Your child can tell you about the recent VIP presentation given to grade 5’s by HATS. Ask them about it.

Congratulations To Megan who deserved this month’s Student of the Month award for Respect. Thanks for being such a polite, friendly, respectful person, Megan!

Your child should also be planking everyday for at least 30 straight seconds! Get them to show you! Challenge them to a plank-off! The world planking record for women is held by Canadian, Dana Glowacka, who planked for 4 hours, 19 minutes, 55 seconds. I don’t recommend you try to break this record, but every student should be able to plank for 30 seconds by now.

Have a safe, happy Halloween!


Mr. H

January 2021

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