Still Thursday, January 16

Oil Spill 2020

Check out these pics from Tuesday’s Oil Spill Cleanup. The students had to choose from a list of materials to try and extract oil from water.


Mr. H


Thursday, January 16


Well, another snow day!!! Back to normal next week…I’m almost positive! Enjoy your long weekend and stay warm and safe.


Mr. H

Wednesday, January 15

Another Snow Day!!!

Stay warm and safe! See you tomorrow…..?



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Monday, January 13


Happy Snow Day!!! Have fun and stay safe!

Friday, January 10

LA – We are writing haiku. Ask your child to give you their poems. (Remember it is a 3-line poem with 17 syllables in 3 lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and 5 syllables.)

A few students are behind on their novel story maps. If so, they were supposed to take it home to complete. Please ask your child if this applies to them.

MATH – A test on multiplication and long division next week. Please ask your child to solve a long division question.last_thumb1330830777

This is a good example of the kinds of questions we have been working on. Sometimes there are remainders as well.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Chapter 3 of the textbook. Vocab so far is: emigration (emigrate) immigration (immigrate, immigrant) push factors and pull factors.

A few students are behind on their Canada maps. If so, they were supposed to take them home to complete. Please ask your child if this applies to them.

SCIENCE – Chapter 8 of the textbook. Vocab so far is: natural resources, resource, living natural resource, non-living natural resource, environmental impact, environment and ecosystem.

FRENCH – We will start a new unit on “winter” next.

PE – Badminton is starting.

We curl again on Monday and Wednesday next week. Clean (gym) shoes and a helmet are needed for these days. We swim on Thursday. Please dress for the weather as we walk to the rec centre.


Mr. H

Welcome to 2020!


I hope everyone is rested and ready to go because January is turning out to be jammed full of extra-curricular opportunities! Check ’em out!

Tomorrow (Monday Jan. 6) we skate in the afternoon. Bring your own skates and helmet if you have them, otherwise they will be provided. Also, dress warm for the rink and dress for the walk to the arena. We bus back.

Wednesday we start curling! No, not hair, on the ice! Students need an extra pair of clean running shoes to wear at the rink. They can’t wear the shoes they use to walk to the rink. Gym shoes are perfect. I have a few pairs of extra shoes if needed. Bring your own helmet if you have one. The other curling dates are Monday, Jan 13, Wed. Jan 15 and Wed. Jan 22.

Also, we swim on Thursday, Jan. 16. Phew! What a busy month!

Plus, don’t miss Dufflebag Theatre on Tuesday the 28!

I know what you are thinking. With all these activities going on, how can we find the time to work on our academics? Not to worry! We can do it!

Parents, please pass on the skating info to other parents if you see this in time! 

Students, let your friends know if you see this!

See you tomorrow!

Mr. H

Friday, December 20

Last day!

All the kids were fantastic on this final school day of 2019. I feel very lucky to be part of this kind, generous group.

Thank you for the class treats and for the gifts. I had to look up how to prepare Jeju tea!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, a happy holiday and a relaxing few weeks away from school.

Happy New Year!


Mr. H

P.S. We begin curling the first week back. Forms will go out on the first Monday. Students need a pair of clean shoes to wear on the curling ice. Their indoor shoes or gym shoes are fine. I have a few extra pairs if needed.


Monday, Dec. 16

No spelling this week! A Christmas French quiz on Friday! Yay!

Concert on Wednesday! Or come Tuesday for the rehearsal if you can’t make it Wednesday. Check the school website for times. See you there!


Mr. H


Friday, Dec. 6

We have a chapter 6 science test Thursday this coming week. Study the vocab of the skeletal and muscular systems: skeleton, bones, joint, skull, ribs, spinal column, cartilage, ligament, muscles (voluntary & involuntary) and tendons. We also learned about skin. Ask your child to tell you 2 or more things about why you have/need skin and and at least one more interesting fact about skin. If your child can tell you how your skeletal system, muscular system and skin interact/work with the respiratory digestive and circulatory system (see page 132-133) they will have more success on the test.

We swim Thursday morning from 9 – 10.

Thanks to the pac for a delicious turkey lunch! Here are a few pics!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out our door! We covered culture and heritage in social studies last term and it seemed fitting to include that connection to our door decorating. The kids all worked very hard on their individual cultural contributions. What a diverse group! Many student were also especially valuable as door decorators, fact checkers and last minute artists.


Have a great weekend!


Mr. H

Thursday, Dec. 5

A reminder that tomorrow a turkey lunch is being provided by the PAC! If students could bring their own fork and knife for the meal we can reduce plastic waste.

Also, from 6 pm – 8 pm tomorrow night is the Christmas dance. Students are welcome to attend if they have a parent/adult chaperone.


Mr. H

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